13 terrible cars from the legendary film


Many of us looked, remember, and in the presence of free time, I will be happy to revise the fascinating film Action «Mad Max: Road of Freak». But only the true fans of the world car industry, constantly following the latest news and events in AvtoW, know that in the coming days there will be a sign event that is directly related to this is a dismanting militant with Tom Hardley and Charlize Teron in high roles.

We are talking about the unique auction planned at the end of September, where all 13 cars will be sold «with a hammer» in the form in which they were designed specifically for this ultra-speed film. Yes, yes, do not doubt! In our age of «total computer», the film director has accepted a fundamental solution to use real models, and computer graphics minimize. Who knows, perhaps this particular factor will allow the film to take a worthy place in the Golden Collection of World Cinema.

Of course, we are not interested in the film itself, as such, and everything that is connected with cars: explosive and superbound, with a huge amount of weapons, terrifying appearance and many other fascinating, intriguing, fascinating qualities.

It will be interesting to find out how much cars rated the auction creators, but at the moment this information is not disclosed. Obviously, trading results we will learn somewhat later.

In the meantime, let’s just look at the creation of a person who is able to make a work of art from the car, and from metal to create all sorts of guns, bearing death and destruction.

Room Figure: Gigahors: Couple Cadillac W16 sample 1959. They were saw, expanded and installed on the chassis one on top of another. The basis of speed and passability — giant dual rear wheels. Armament Stand: those who will meet the car on the road rage waiting for heavy-duty whaling garpeun and pair of flamethos.

Number 2 — forced Volkswagen with the V8 — FDK engine. The fuel tank is used as a convoy for limousine of Mercedes-cannibals. The car is ready for the distribution of fuel to everyone who may need in the desert. And for the most annoying and those who do not want to pay, a pair of heavy duty flamethos is prepared. So the money is better to give!

Another massive truck, who received a nickname «stupid van» looks no less. What were not placed on a four-axle «monster»! But most of all, of course, powerful and heavy duty speakers? Who said the sound can not be a weapon?!

The Doof Wagon

Razor Cola: 1973 XB Falcon Coupe (revived interceptor). Few people know that the first car Ilona Max, the will of the cinema turned out from the king of Heilyev in the real beast, which scolds in the deserts in search of the next victim.

Razor Cola: 1973 XB Falcon Coupe (The Interceptor reborn)

A prototype for this turbocharged monster-charged monster with five windows (including roof) was a compartment of the 1932 release sample. Power and rage vehicle added designers who worked on movie models


Support of columns in the sands, desert, wasteless — the most important task. Here, «I need to keep the ear», and the enemy does not sleep. For reliability, the hood is reset that B = provides an engine with an optional air cooling. Yes, and the review is now nothing closes, you can better manage this mighty beast on wheels, it is more efficient to hit the enemy from the machine gun unit.

Elvis — the most high-speed car in the combat convoy of the trailer

Convoy Car: Elvis (Car Convoy: Elvis)

As the main «fire-drying» car, an oldskal hot-genus with a ruts supercharger, located below the radiator7, is distinguished by the machine feature — excellent controllability, and the installed liquid nitrogen injection system allows you to make breathtaking high-speed throws, without leaving your opponents the slightest chance of survival.

Convoy Car: Jag Flamer (convoy car: flamethrower jag)

And so designers «finalized» the famous «Pontiac», turning the car into a powerful attack aircraft. The presence of a 20-foot counterweight provides stability and allows you to perform the most incredible tricks. Of course, in the movies.

Pole Car: Pontiac Surfari with 20’ pole counterweight

Car with a pole: Pontiac Surfari with a 20-foot counterweight

Look at the photo of the cars presented below. Very soon they will leave the hammer and will turn into someone private property. Perhaps access to universal ferris will be closed forever. And then a new plot will appear, for which the best world designers will create new, unique car models!


Fire Car: Dodge (Fire Machine: Dodge)

Caltrop: El Dorado (Caltrop: Eldorado)

Buggy: Ratrod Chev (Baggi: River Chev


BYUK: Heavy Artillery with Hummer Weapon Mount

Of course, all cars, specially redone for the cinema.

But in many ways, the foundation for them «read» from real models of different years of release!