A group of gas is viewed to Uzbekistan.


A gas group on which the «Damoclov Sword» hangs the sanctions of the US Ministry of Finance, still looking for ways for foreign expansion.

So, between the Nizhny Novgorod enterprise and the government of the Tashkent region of Uzbekistan on May 24, an agreement on cooperation was signed. As long as this is only a statement of intent, according to which the parties immediately begin to work on organizational issues. First of all, the possibility and feasibility of deploying the mass production of light commercial and medium-room cars gas, as well as special equipment on their base.

According to the calculations of specialists, the demand for these models in this Central Asian country will be huge!

Pros are obvious

Additional advantage to both parties brought an agreement aimed at developing a special (integrated) transport solution for the region. Sounds a little incomprehensible? We decipher: a fully updated fleet from gas production cars will be created in the republic. Technique, first of all, will be provided with government agencies, as well as enterprises and organizations of communal and other special services. The list of such cars is already at the initial stage of agreements wide enough:

Cars for service housing and communal services;

Medical equipment;

transport for the social sphere;

Low capacity buses;

Technique for work in enterprises of small and medium businesses.

More attention to modern systems and digital technologies

Both Contracting Parties have committed themselves to implement the highest possible amount of innovation, the latest technological and other solutions. Global goal is to organize and ensure the implementation of the program of remote control of the region’s fleet.

The project is grand and already now actively studying. It will be interesting to look at the results. Uzbekistan is traditionally one of the key gas markets in the Middle Head