A new way of deception — automatinists again intensified

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

The scheme of «wiring» of gullible car owners who came into a difficult situation, simple and banal. Everything is built on the elementary knowledge of human psychology, but acts trouble-free.

Imagine: One day you leave the house (shop, work, etc.) and do not find your car where it was left earlier. Of course: excitement, nerves and even light panic !!! You need to call somewhere, find out, and except number 112 nothing comes to mind.

And then you call and say that you have seen how the car was loaded on the tow truck and sent to the storage. Offer assistance in the delivery of the owner to the place and the sign of the car «from the captivity». Of course, for a specific fee.

Some (many!) Car owners agree to such assistance. And what do they get? In fact, you sit in the car, which is in the price list, at times exceeding the cost of a taxi, carries you to a storage room. Next you pay for travel and go to deal with the arrested car yourself.

No help, respectively, no and can not be. All actions relating to «Liberation from captivity» are provided for by the relevant standards.

What is the help? Perhaps that you will be helped to know what kind of penalty parking is delivered by your car. But after all, all information is available in different sources — from a mobile application (in the capital it is parking Moscow), before the telephone notification from the traffic police (on request or call).

Do not forget that it will be possible to pick up a car from a stradition only if the corresponding resolution from the traffic police is obtained. And here, too, no one to hurry to you with.

Rooms are known where to call — we know. So why are we doing?!