10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

There is no inflation in Russia! There is coronavirus, temporary problems, deterioration in the situation in the world, weather cataclysms and all that …

We continue to believe, but the market knows its business and does it inexorably. Together with the change in marketable congestion, prices and cars are growing. Total 6 months have passed since the beginning of 2021 and here there is an opportunity to look at the dynamics of price changes.

We offer to find out how and how much the most popular foreign cars in the Russian market included in the top 5 for sales!

Very soon we will see the new generation of Hyundai Creta, sample 2021. Her cost is at all begins from 1.2 million!

At once, 10% went up by another popular Korean sedan in our compatriots —

In the fourth place at the price of the price turned out to be another favorite, practically «folk» car —

Closed the «five» more than 2021 foreign cars in the first half of the year in the first half of the year — affordable and popular as Skoda Rapid. In absolute expression, the car rose in price by more than 92 thousand rubles. In a percentage, the increase was 10.2%. Now dealers are exhibiting the price of the most affordable model ranging from 960 thousand.

If you look like a little further, you can see that other popular foreign cars have risen in price too. Some little less, others — a little more. You can averaged about the growth of approximately 8-10%. Here you have inflation. And it is in just six months !!!


The popular crossover Renault Duster has grown in price for another 92 thousand, which amounted to 10.1% of growth. Auto stars finally psychological frontier 1 million!

Modestly rising to Toyota RAV4. Only 55,000 or 2.8% of the initial cost. But we admit that this crossover and initially cost is expensive.

But Volkswagen Tiguan rose by more than 11%. The minimum price tag amounted to almost 2 million, which is 200 thousand more expensive.

10 Renault Logan and Kia K5 are closed. Now for the purchase of these cars will have to be posted on 35 and, accordingly, 120 thousand rubles.

Well, we can only hope that such an active price increase will withstand our car owners and the user demand for foreign cars will not fall!