Advantages of standardization of NTK oxygen sensors

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

24 years after the release of the first sensor under the NTK brand, the standardization of the oxygen sensors for cars is announced. Consolidation will optimize the warehouse stocks and the number of articles supported in the warehouse. In addition, the inclusion in the range of sensors for American and Japanese cars will increase the coverage of the car park and increase competitiveness.


Standardization will allow consolidating 626 zirconium dioxide sensors (also called binary sensors), reducing the number of positions on the market from 927 to just 260. Developed according to the same standards as the analogues of the original equipment market, these sensors fully correspond to the original quality and characteristics. The standardization of the line will be carried out in 6 stages, the first of which started in January 2021.

To achieve such a reduction, the entire line of oxygen sensors for cars was analyzed and positions that can be combined were identified. Cable length was taken as the basis for the union, and special attention was paid to various sensory elements, connectors and heat resistance. New consolidated positions are based on the maximum cable length, which can be shortened with a cable screed during installation. All sensors with an identical sensitive element, connector and heater resistance will be combined under one article.

Standardization decision confirms the desire of NGK Spack Plug to increase car park coverage and service capabilities. This says

To ensure a smooth transition, the updated line of oxygen sensors will be produced in a special packaging with green marking. The kit will go 4 cable ties and installation instructions. In addition, on the official youtube channel of the company will be published a video roller dedicated to the installation of sensors. Also, a new line of standardized sensors has already been added to TecDoc and to the electronic version of the catalog.

The constantly expanding assortment of the NTK automotive electronics brand offers the after-sales service market, the universal line of quality sensors and is the leader of the diagnostic and regulatory lambda-probes. In addition to oxygen sensors, NTK products include MAP and MAF sensors, exhaust gas temperature sensors, nitrogen oxide measurement sensors and rotation frequency sensors and engine shaft position sensors.

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