Agen-style demand for the Gazelle NN.

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Despite various restrictive measures and temporary difficulties, the presentation of the NN Gazelles still took place. And it happened just a few days ago — June 24. The management of the Gorky Automobile Plant decided to expose demonstration models in all dealer centers. And here many motorists and entrepreneurs were able to see, touch the car with their hands and ask all the questions you are interested in.

Well, for those who could not see the car with their own eyes, we offer a brief overview. Initially, general information:

The NN Gazelle NN is new generation can order anyone. The starting price of the truck — 1.9 million rubles. — Cheaper many parquets and sedans! For this money, you can purchase a standard onboard truck with a single-row cabin and a 2.8-liter turbocharged diesel engine from Cummins ISF. The power of the power unit amounted to 149 hp — Optimal combination of efficiency and good thrust. Included in the basic model, a standard 6-speed manual transmission. The previous car Gazelle Next with a 5-speed mechanic and the same internal moss cost 200 thousand cheaper!

In addition to the onboard car, the manufacturer offers:

onboard truck NN with a double row;

all-metal van;

Minibus (will be released in the coming months).

The main differences of the NN Gazelle (the product of deep upgrading the earlier version of Next):

updated shape of the cabin;

replacement of all headlights for LEDs;

improved salon, with better finishing materials;

Comfortable ergonomic seats;

Modern media system with an increased display size (9 inches);

disk, more reliable and trouble-free brakes

We have already mentioned the 6-speed MCPP.

The manufacturer plans to update the engine compartment in the very near future, make it more diverse in terms of the installation of new power units. The nearest «novelty» is a three-liter internal combustion engine from the UMZ EVOTECH. The following options for fuel systems will be offered:




No matter how much engineers do designers on the technical characteristics of the car Gazelle NN, but the appearance still matters.

The design in our time is a mandatory attribute of car restyling, allowing you to «breathe» in them a new life! After a series of point modifications, the appearance of the car has changed significantly. It is gratifying, h about for the better. Removed all sorts of unnecessary elements, emphasizing the model «femininity». The car has just been beautiful, a bit brutal and, of course, more modern.