An unprecedented draft of the Russian car industry, or as KAMAZ with partners raise the industry

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

A large-scale program for creating a model range of a new generation of cargo machinery is implemented by the Russian auto-giant per cha. According to the declared goals, in terms of work, in terms of the number of partners, this investment project is unprecedented in the modern domestic auto industry.

Today, the KAMAZ at the same time produces three generations of technology.

Today, the most popular family of sump truck remains

Moreover, the production program involves increasing the volume of output. This year, the volume of manufactured cars of the new generation K5 must be a little more than 2.4 thousand pieces. In the next 2022, it is planned to release 6.7 thousand trucks, and in 2023 more than 11 thousand.

The model line of the C5 truck family is already represented not only by prototypes of 4×2, 6×4 and 6×2 tractors, as well as 6×4, 8×4 and 6×6 dump trucks. The test assembly stage is passed, the process of finishing, testing, certification is proceeding. In fact, today KamAZ has a model range of generation K5.

The first of the new family began serial production of the KAMAZ-54901 trunk tractor (4×2).

Also, Kama Autohyda derived to the experimental operation of KAMAZ-65951 dump trucks (8×4) and KAMAZ-65952 (6×6), intended for the carriage of various bulk cargo. These are representatives of a heavy generation family of K5 with a complete mass of 50 tons and 41 tons, respectively. Depending on the operating conditions, it is supposed to use various options for dumping settings with a volume of 16 to 25 cubic meters. In addition, the first experimental samples of the KAMAZ-54901 trunk tractor operating in two-fuel are collected on KamAZ.

Use potential

The new generation of Trucks K5 delivered a completely unprecedented task before KAMAZ. According to the head of the Kamsky Aviation Giant Sergey Kogogina, the main difficulty is that three generations of trucks are now produced at the same time: from K3 to K5. Machines are not completely similar to each other, and if the K3 cars contain an average of about 40 thousand parts, then in K5 there are already about 100 thousand. This complicates the organization of production processes. To run into the K5 series, it is necessary to reconstruct a number of productions, some of the creation from scratch, connect cooperation partners. It should also be noted that KAMAZ took the course to the high localization of the new cargo family.

Cars K5 will be equipped with a new domestic R6 engine of the KAMAZ-910 series, the production of which began at the engine factory. In addition to the organization of the production of a new power unit, a number of new production are modernized and created.

In particular, at the end of July, a new production framework was launched on the presses and frame factory, including three main lines: an automatic line of manufacturing spars, a line of color spars and frame parts, a frame assembly conveyor. The project implementation began in the first quarter of 2017 and continued until the second quarter of 2021. The goal of the project is to create a modern production framework of a truck frame with high corrosion resistance and increased strength characteristics for a new family of KAMAZ cars. Production capacity is 65,000 frames per year, which will ensure the fulfillment of the enterprise. Ram length — from 5500 to 14000 mm.

Profitable partnership

The assembly of the 12-speed automatic transmission of Traxon for K5 will be carried out on the «CF KAMA» (Naberezhnye Chelny) — a joint venture of Kama Kaza and the German ZF Friedrichshafen AG. The joint venture «CF Kama» was established in 2005. The German company belongs to 51%, KAMAZ — 49%. In addition, the «CF Kama» using ZF technologies will launch the production of electric power steering and suspension of a new generation of Trucks K5. It is supposed to organize not only the assembly, but also the production of components for automatic transmission — gears and shafts. The level of localization of the gearbox at the first stage will be about 24%. The beginning of the Russian assembly TRAXON is scheduled for January 2022

Traxon Russian production will be installed, first of all, on the main tractors of KAMAZ-54901 generation K5. Today, the transmission is purchased from the supplier — ZF in Germany.

Another Enterprise LLC KNORR-Bremz Kama, a joint venture of KAMAZ and the German concern «Knorr-Breze AG», launched the mass production of new viscous quarrels of spinning oscillations for the crankshafts of the R6 KAMAZ-910 engines. This unit will be issued on a new assembly line.

The viscosity jackers of the joint venture are released since 2010, by 100% providing the need of KamAZ. In 2017, in the framework of work on the creation of the KAMAZ-910 engine for the generation of K5 cars, from Knorr-Bremé Kama, it was necessary to develop a new viscous quarrel of spinning oscillations for crankshafts in accordance with the functional and technical requirements of the power unit with a capacity of 405 and 515 kW .

But, of course, the most impressive project — the Kabas Kabas factory, built with a joint venture «Daimler Kamaz Rus.» The creation of the Mercedes plant cabin looks quite logical: about 80% of the products (or four cabins out of five) will be intended for KAMAZ, and the remaining amount will go to the Daimler-Kamaz Rus assembly enterprise, where Mercedes-Benz trucks are collected. Power plant — 50,000 cabs.

So that the cab is considered Russian, 70% of local metal and details are needed. Some types of cabins are already completely Russian. The main suppliers of steel and different parts are KAMAZ and the Turkish company Coskunoz.