Apple postpones new AirPods until 2022


Apple hasn’t updated its AirPods wireless headphones since 2019. And despite numerous reports that a new generation of AirPods will hit the market later this year, sources interviewed by Bloomberg say that there is no need to expect new headphones this year.

According to insiders, Apple has postponed the launch of the third generation AirPods until 2022. The new earbuds will have shorter legs and a new, more compact charging case. The rest of the features of the accessory remained behind the scenes.
But insiders said that the second generation AirPods Pro will receive a completely new design with no legs at all. They will also be equipped with advanced motion sensors to monitor the physical activity of users. When AirPods Pro 2 hits the market, it was not specified.

But Apple has no plans to update the AirPods Max, at least not in the near future. The most that this model can get is new colors.

In addition to new models of wireless headphones, Apple is developing a new model of the HomePod smrat speaker. It will get a touchscreen and a camera for FaceTime calling, as well as some features from Apple TV.