Audi Q5 — Crossover, which could not be updated

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Why was restyling for this model was optional? This question is asked some motorists. But experts unanimously argue that the level of sales, popularity and demand for the crossover, so would remain at a high level.

Let’s deal with what.

Just 3 years ago, an updated Audi Q5 crossover appeared on the market, which immediately became a unconditional leader in the domestic market. The popularity and demand for a German car is now at the highest level, at least among domestic motorists. So why did the autoconecern hurried to make changes, refinement to the model, which is sustainable high demand?

External changes

If you look at the updated Q5, new design solutions can be found quite a lot. One of the radiator grille, which received a characteristic mesh structure, which is worth! It is noteworthy that for the Sport version, innovative cells have retained, and the chrome-plated vertical strips are provided only in the configuration of the most expensive version of the car — Design.

By the way, the Mesh «Grill» is a sign of an expensive car, the price of the «sports version» increases at a rate of more than 350 thousand (post up to 4.6 million rubles).

Some changes have occurred and behind. Restyling touched the plastic of the bumper, and a clear thin chrome decorative plank joined the lanterns. But you and the «novelty» — you can not see the exhaust pipe from the back. It is completely hidden behind the bumper. It is possible to emphasize the desire to produce electric cars …

And one more pleasant novelty: in addition to the kind dozen colors used for body color, 2 new:

-District Green;

Ultra Blue.

An important addition: the owners of new colors will have to pay 60 thousand rubles!

Solid «driving force»

You can buy Audi Q5 after restyling, as before, with one of two versions of motors (both of the same power in 249 hp):

1) 2-liter microhybrid gasoline (45 TFSI). Works complete with a 7-speed robotic gearbox.


It is interesting that the diesel Audi Q5 is even more powerful and has a significant advantage in the thrust, when overclocking up to 100 km, the benefits practically does not have (if not counting 0.1 s.)!


Was it better in the cabin? Answer this question is quite difficult. So, everything was very well thought out and qualitatively done. Something was added, the other was removed (as, for example, a sensory-mechanical control unit). Perhaps a little inappropriate looks a display of fairly large dimensions on a neat, German laconic front panel. But this is an amateur!


It is noteworthy that Audi Q5 after restyling saved almost all the advantages of the previous model. Therefore, the demand for the car is most likely to be preserved at a rather high level. Is that the increased price is a bit alarming. But this seems to be a global trend!