Aurus Arsenal — «Our Regiment» arrived!

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

The model range of the newest automotive brand of Russia AURUS has replenished chic, massive and comfortable minivan «Arsenal». The next development of the design decision «tuple» is not only released, but has already managed to undergo a testing at an important meeting of the presidents of Russia and the United States, which took place in this year in Switzerland.

Despite the fact that the car could be seen on the road, as they say, «in the case», official information about it is very small. Unlike sedans and limousines Senat Minivans «ARSENAL» on periodically organized public exhibitions were not shown. Yes, and PR service Aurus promoting this brand did not do.

Nevertheless, in early September (9) in the open base of Rosstandart, the first mark of the approval of this type of vehicle (OTTS) — Minivan Aurus Arsenal appeared. The same approval was received for more than a month ago — August 5. What is the reason for such a long delay (other models are certified in just a few days) is incomprehensible. But we received information, accurate and reliable about the car.

The first photos that managed to get journalists back in 2018, indicated the absence of armored glasses and hulls. At least this conclusion could be done by estimating the glass of the car without a special thick border. However, in a certificate issued to the CU (sectoral index 412501), only one vehicle modification is indicated — armored. It is interesting to read the line in which the assignment of the car: as well as the Senate is a special purpose car that ensures the protection of the life and health of the driver and passengers. «

Improvered dimensions

The car came out sufficiently massive:

Length 5.98 m;

width 2.02 m;

Height 2.09 m.

According to the above characteristics of AURUS ARSENAL, it is comparable, rather, with American Wen Chevrolet Express, which is still in development, and significantly exceeds the largest factory versions of Mercedes V-Class cars and Volkswagen Multivan.

Increased from Aurus Arsenal and a wheelbase, and at once 250 mm at once compared with the standard «Senate» — up to 3.55 m!

And with such solid overall sizes, our VEN is calculated only on 8 seats (in 4 rows of 2 places)!

Solid defense

For obvious reasons, the manufacturer did not indicate the booking class, but you can confidently declare that he is very impressive. This is quite convincingly by the mass of the Russian minivan, which is

in the curved state of 4.95 tons;

Fully loaded (permissible) — 5.72 tons.

Obviously, only drivers with the category «C» can manage such a car, although, given the purpose of the model about such «trifles» as a driver’s license, you can not think. Obviously, driving Aurus Arsenal will be the highest class professionals.

The tires installed on the car must have a dimension of 255/55 R20, while the rate index T is 190 km / h, and the calculation on the permissible load is limited by an indicator of 1900 kg.

Silence block

All cars brand «Aurus» are created not a single modular platform (EMP). Therefore, in the technical part, they are the same, and the basis is a hybrid power plant. The eight-cylinder two-row gasoline engine by us 4321 is equipped with two turbochargers and a direct fuel injection system (AI-98). The output is 580 hp and 880 nm. Another characteristic feature of the model is an embedded synchronous electromotor built into the 9-speed «automatic». Its peak power is 63 hp, which provides a nominal return of 38 hp.

Of course, it did not cost without import components. Such was the Swiss lithium-ion-based Enertech brand battery installed on the rear squeeze. The weight of the unit is slightly over 100 kg, the capacity is 16 A h, and the working voltage is in the range from 220 to 360 V.

Complete set Aurus Arsenal more than impressive. As standard, the government minivan is equipped with:

independent spring suspension;

powerful power steering;

ventilated disk brakes installed on all the wheels of the Giant;

All-wheel drive transmission (with a chain in a transfer box and an electromagnetic clutch that ensures the connection of the front pair of the wheels.

Unfortunately, there is no information and color solutions and interior design. Information is closed. One can only with a high degree of confidence indicating the active use of high-quality skin, as well as durable plastic.

Some restrictions

The certificate issued to the model provides for the agony of the limited Aurus ARSENAL batch — only 100 cars. The manufacture is trusted by us (the metropolitan area that currently produces all the models of Senates, elongated and armored).

At the moment, the time speech about the release of minivans for mass use does not go. Most likely, in the medium term, Aurus Arsenal will be designed exclusively for the civil service.

As for mass production at the factory in Elabuga, the basic sedans of Senat will still be released. And also (attention!) — Coming komendant crossovers.