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9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

With respect to famous brands of spare parts, there are some misconceptions. For example, even in the environment of professionals, many believe that really high-quality spare parts are produced only for premium cars, and only for fresh versions of models.

This community is refuted, in particular, one of the oldest European manufacturers of high-quality springs and springs — Lesjöfors, in the range of which you can find, for example, springs even for cars of the Zhiguli brand — the entire model range from the VAZ 21016 to VAZ 2107, since 1971 On 1992 release. There are in assortment and springs for such modern models like Kalina, Priora, Granta and Largus.

However, for the sake of justice, we note: foreign brands are infrequently offering products for Russian cars. And what is interesting such an offer for the consumer? This is obvious: it attracts the ability to significantly «extend the life» of the beloved car, which still rides, despite the fact that the model is not produced for more than 30 years.

In Lesjöfors, we are convinced that the suspension springs should be made from the highest quality steel. Of the many steel rolling factories in the world, the only number is capable of producing spring steel with a minimum amount of impurities, as it requires expensive equipment and strict control of processes. In Russia, for example, the steel of this quality is not yet produced.

Spring steel has a number of features, such as strength, a very high yield strength, an acceptable level of corrosion stability, the quality of the material surface, the absence of non-metallic impurities.

The most important indicator of spring steel is its strength. To understand how strong the steel wire is, it is stretched until the gap does not occur. In the production of lesjöfors springs, a wire is used, the strength limit of which is 1800-2100 Newton per square millimeter. This indicator is twice as high as inexpensive springs of other manufacturers — it means that the lesjöfors springs are ready to carry two-time loads.

How much the material is capable of maintaining the original form when flexing and twisting, characterizes the yield strength. In steel with which Lesjöfors works, this indicator is 90% of the strength limit. The high yield strength indicates a high resistance to fatigue processes in the metal. In other words, even with long-term operation, the lesjöfors springs will not give a drawdown, they will save elasticity and support the car body at proper height.

High rates of strength and flowability are achieved by heat treatment — its hardening and release, as well as by adding special alloying elements to steel: silicon, manganese, chromium. Alloying additives provide high levels of corrosion resistance springs.

Care of the finished product is also a considerable value. Such defects as the exfoliation or cracking of the metal significantly reduce the strength of the springs. Also on strength not for the better, the number of non-metallic impurities affects: than them are more, the higher the probability of the concentration of impurities at one point, in which a breakdown may occur when the load may occur.

In spring wire, which is used in Lesjöfors, the number of non-metallic impurities does not exceed 0.7% of the diameter area. It is three times less than in the springs of other brands.

Lesjöfors is represented by the widest range of springs for passenger and light commercial vehicles. The range of automobile springs Lesjöfors suspension includes more than 10,000 standard and enhanced articles: about 2,000 gas springs, more than 250 springs, as well as sports kits, etc. Warranty from the manufacturer — 3 years.

The image of the springs for the required car can be clarified on the company’s website.