Brand, followed by which we managed to miss — Opel Crossland again in Russia

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Opel Crossland is not accidental chosen by the Germans to return to the Russian market. On the one hand, our motorists for more than 20 years of the presence of the brand in the country managed not just to love the German brand. On the other hand, the liberated niche of the market was quickly filled with Koreans, Japanese and Chinese, who were more pragmatic in this matter.

Therefore, the autocontracena was important to carry out a small «intelligence fighting» and evaluate the prospects for returning. At the same time, the manufacturer wanted to introduce such a novelty to Russian motorists, which will interest the widest category of the population.

So the choice fell on the Opel Crossland.

Of course, if you are completely honest and impartial, you should specify another 2 cars that the German opel brand is in Russia. This is a minibus Opel Zafira and Combo compact heel. But these two cars are the products of French developments, and Opel reminds only the branded sign fixed on the radiator grille.

Other business — Crossland. This car is completely German, although in the transition period, the autoconecern had to use nodes and units of competitors (first of all, French).

Now a little bitty! It so happened that Opel Crossland 2021 is a «novelty» of a limited scale. The fact is that in Europe this car is actively operated since 2017. As always, we are behind the planet all !!!

And now — essentially.

In fact, Crossland is a complete successor of a widely known and popular Opel Meriva minivan at the beginning. Now the minivans are not in fashion, the palm of the championship they gave way to the parquets, crossovers. So Opel Crossland appeared.

What did the «cunning» Germans did. Making sure that the demand for Meriva fell irrevocably, the designers applied several improvements, namely:

The results exceeded the most bold expectations: the interest of the cross in Europe increased sharply (at least twice the above, compared to Meriva microwave from fashion).

We admit, our option is more cute! Changes are minimal, but they all went only to benefit and spectacular insert instead of a radiator grille in front, and visually combined lights from the back.

So not everything is so bad, and on Russian roads it will be possible to meet this pretty compact car soon!

How without the «Spoon of Deaf». In this case, this is the price of the car Crossland. The minimum cost of the car is 1.7 million, as it seems to us, keeps many from an aggregative purchase. Honor!

And what do you think, there are prospects for Opel Crossland in Russia