Breakthrough in domestic auto industry

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Of course, our domestic (albeit with a large share of import substitution) The leader in the production of cars, autoconecern AvtoVAZ could not sit in ambush for a long time. A little more and interest in domestic motorists could switter at all to the Chinese, Koreans, and even Uzbeks (remember their Daewoo Matiz, for example).

And here in the 51st anniversary of the release of the first car of the VAZ family (we recall, the mass production began in 1970), the President of the company IV Karakatzanis made a sensational statement. In principle, for the first time we heard this statement from Luke De Meo, the head of the Renault concern.

It concerns the closest perspectives, plans for the development of the enterprise. It is stated that the modernization of production will continue, increase the level of engineering and design solutions.

Statement, of course, is loud. But it does not fit with information, according to which all Togliatti models will be translated into a new platform. For them, proven time and well-rolled «trolleys» Renault-Nissan are prepared.

Reducing the number of models of cars VAZ and body types The manufacturer closely deals with a significant increase in production volumes. By 2025, he should exceed 1 million cars (though, together with Romanian Dacia). The figure is impressive and says that the concern’s plans go beyond the borders of Russia, but also to buy cars VAZ will become more affordable.

By the same period (2025) will end the operational resource allocated for platforms of the main domestic cars: Lada Grant, Lada Vesta, Niva Travel

Well, plans are interesting and grandiose, as well as the expectations of domestic motorists. After all, despite the «dominance» of foreign cars, on the roads of the country you can meet the cars of the VAZ family quite often. The army of fans of the domestic auto industry remains large enough.

What this is connected, it is difficult to say exactly. Perhaps — with an affordable price! And how it will be after such changes. If the cost comes with other models (Nissan, Hende, Toyota, Volkswagen, etc.), how will the demand become?

Share your opinion, let’s see who more: optimists or pessimists?!