Canned Russia.

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

In Russia, another canned car traded enterprise has become more. Today, such closed auto plants in the territory of the Russian Federation there are already six. Our channel decided to analyze and name the reasons why, it would seem, the promising industry of the country’s economy, which pays great attention to officials, hunting assistance from the federal budget, is experiencing such an uncharacteristic trend.

The other day, all information tapes broke out with a sensational message that the former GM-AvtoVAZ joint venture plant acquired by AvtoVAZ, which has recently began to be called otherwise as «Lada West Togliatti» will be canned. It will happen after the production of the domestic SUV Lada Niva Travel will be transferred for several months to the third line of the conveyor, where Lada Niva Legend is being built today (Lada 4×4).

In addition to the conservation of the plant «Lada West Togliatti» in the country, there are still several car assembly plants.

Recall that already

In addition to Tagaz, which soil in the Bose, fate remains indefinite

In addition, the factory was installed

Thus, if the production facilities of these automobiles are summing up, it turns out that the Russian car industry today is deprived of assembly capacities on more than 700 thousand cars per year.

And the reason is quite obvious.

All country’s car assembly was created in the period 2005-2012. These were the so-called «fat» years. It was then that Russian car market grew high rates. It collapsed only once — in 2009, when the world struck the crisis of mortgage «soap bubbles.» But this crisis was not protracted. The Russian car market in the next year in 2010 was actually recovered and continued in 2011-2012. Then the experts and specialists of the auto industry and the car market believed that

But everything changed in 2014 with the introduction of sanctions. The purchasing power of the population ceased to grow and it immediately affected the car market. As for the auto industry, the production facilities created in the amount and calculated on the release of 3.56 million cars turned out to be unloaded. Today, we are watching the picture, as the system of these enterprises, the industry is eliminated by the most «weak links».

In fact, the Russian Federation turned out to be a country of unfulfilled hopes: autocompany reduce model rows of sold cars in the salons, automakers who localized the release of cars are looking for ways to optimize the model range. And those who went to a deep financial minus and went bankrupt, are forced to preserve and close their production lines.

There is one «bright spot» on this inside. In St. Petersburg, it was announced that Military in 2015, the plant GM still found his buyer.

They became South Korean

And further. Today also it became known that the bankrupt Russian automobile plant «Derweis», located in Karachay-Cherkessia, is sold for 1.5 billion rubles. This amount was estimated to build buildings with infrastructure and equipment «Deriver», up to the dishwasher from the dining room.

I wonder if there is a buyer on this asset? After all, we also recently told that

Today, the sales volume of new cars in the Russian Federation is located near 1.5 million units. While experts and experts, the car market do not see the reasons why the car market of new cars of Russia will overcome the bar in 2 million cars. So, the power of the auto industry will long be unloaded, and it is possible that there is a conservation of another «weak link» ahead.