Car safety — above all.

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Many car owners heard that the Swedish autocontracene cars until recently were considered the best in terms of security (both active and passive). The situation has not changed and now. The manufacturer highly holds the brand, and Volvo is perhaps the only brand that has each model receives top marks and safety ratings. It is important to note that the leading World Expert Organization is exhibiting such a high assessment — American Insurance Institute of Road Security IIHS.

Well, impressed? Do you think that it is so easy to get a high rating? In fact, no, you have to try! Experts assess several parameters at once and require maximum results.

For example:

In the crash tests performed with the minimum overlap from the driver and the passenger in the front seat, the estimate is not lower than «good»

and with 40% of the overlap to withstand the side collision;

there are increased requirements for the strength of the roof, resistance to mechanical loads;

special attention is paid to the effectiveness of the work of the collision prevention system (the assessment must be «advanced» or «excellent»);

Even the quality and efficacy of headlights, «acceptable» or «well» is estimated. Such optics should stand on all modifications of the car already in the basic configuration.

Security standards

Currently, the highest assessment of experts received 14 models of Volvo. Let’s look at the uniqueness of one of the most popular Volvo models in Russia. This is a Volvo XC60 CD-crossover.

Following the results of 2017, this car was recognized as the best security in its class. And over the past time, he became even more reliable. The services of the happy owners of the legendary brand:

innovative autonomous deceleration system (AEB);

IntelliSafe, a complex that provides an independent assessment of the road situation and the timely warning of the driver about the possible danger. And yet — assistance in choosing the safest traffic trajectory;

special attention is paid to the quality of the metal, from which the Body Volvo is manufactured;

Designers have provided even the arrangement of the zones of the programmed bodice crumpled, which will reduce the shock load at the time of the windshield (for lateral) collisions.

And one more model, without which the story of Volvo car safety systems would be incomplete — XC90. This is the most significant car in the model range of the Swedish manufacturer, asking the highest demands in its segment of large-sized crossovers!

Each machine is equipped with a highly efficient set of standard security equipment — IntelliSafe. The highest level of protection of people both inside the car and outside provides another intelligent system — City Safety that uses the radar to recognize other cars and not only (from cyclists to horses).

We also note the most important passive systems inherent in Volvo cars:

Durable carcass

Airbags interacting with driver belts and passengers.

Innovative seats.

Function warning auto congress from the road.