Cars counted in the Russian Federation.


Foreign cars today are the most important part of the Russian fleet. Given the fact that today, about 85% of sales are cars produced in the territory of the Russian Federation, and local plants for the production of foreign cars work at full capacity, it is easy to imagine that after a few years it is

Today in Russia, as reported statistics (registration in government agencies), there are more than 13 million Patriotic cars.

Among this, the huge «tribe» of domestic cars with turbidity on the radiator only three millionaire models. That is, models whose park is more than 1,000,000 cars. Two of them classic family is

While the positions of this car look inaccessible. We were reflected in the diagram. But, as you know, there is nothing eternal in this life. And we will look at the models of foreign cars that will not just be tolding the positions, but and to outpay the domestic car from the list common in Russia.

The title of the most common foreign car in the Russian Federation belongs to Kia Rio.

At the same time, this Korean model has a high annual increase, which is provided with its release on the Khönde Motor Manufacturing Rus Player in St. Petersburg. Four years Kia Rio is a sales leader among foreign cars. But what is interesting, in the domestic park there are also the previous generations of the car, which were imported from abroad, but their number is small. As for the model prospects, in somewhere at the end of this year, this car is the first among foreign cars overcome the symbolic line of one million units.

It is clear to become the leader of the fleet in the country, Kia Rio must conquer three steps, honing gradually the following models in the domestic park of cars — Lada Niva, Lada 2105 and Lada 2107. But if the two last models will leave due to physical wear, then with Lada Niva, which is still on the conveyor in the form of Niva Travel and Niva Legend (statistics counts them as Lada Niva) will have to fight for a joke. How much will it take for this? Reply, Kia Rio no earlier than 2025 will become the leader. Surprised reader will say, how about our bestseller Lada Granta? In this case, we face the features of the statue. The fact is that the Granta model is taken into account in three horses. That is, her park is crushed into three models — Lada Granta 2190, Granta 2191 and Granta 2194.

But back to foreign cars. The second largest foreign car fleet

The third place in the Russian fleet, oddly enough, belongs to the model

For 30 thousand pieces increased the park of such a foreign car as

And closes the first five foreign cars of the Russian park Japanese model

Among foreign cars with the greatest number in the fleet of the Russian Federation entered and practically

And in conclusion, we call two more models in foreign cars. One of them has exceeded a symbolic mark of 500 thousand units. So half a millionth