CheryExeed TXL: Who is the able to put on both Kia Sorento blades?

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Competition in the class of SUV-D crossovers in the Russian market is growing and takes aggressive forms. No brand wants to give up with such labor conquered positions, since it is one of the most profitable mass segments. Modernization of existing samples and the active development of new models is conducted by all leading world players. This state of affairs is especially nice to motorists, as they have from what to choose!

However, with the advent of the All-wheel drive crossover, CheryExeed TXL positions of even large players can greatly shaken. It is likely that this car soon will be the cause of the redistribution of «quotas» not only on the global car market, but also in the Russian market.

The All-wheel drive crossover is designed and released into the production of the premium Chinese automobile brand EXEED (entered into the composition of the popularity in the Russian Federation

Skoda Kodiaq,

Kia Sorento,

Hyundai Santa Fe.

And the most bold experts call the Chinese are not otherwise as the «killer Kia Sorento». Due to what? Everything is very simple: the prices are lower, and the equipment is much better!

Successful debut

As always, in Russia everything is good appears with some delay. However, now the gap is no longer so significant as a couple of dozen years ago. Here and CheryExeed TXL in Russia appeared late for 2 years. Nevertheless, the number of fans of the model is growing confident.

Of course, the basic equipment is quite expensive, more than 2.2 million. But its equipment is comparable to the maximum «filling» of competitors. And such cars are almost 3 million. What can be obtained for 2.2 if you buy CheryExeed TXL? See for yourself:

electric steering wheel;

cast (forged) discs, 18th size;

rain sensors, light;

all kinds of help to the driver;

spoiler, rails;

Comfortable salon with maximum equipment;

Cruise control;

the system «spend me home»;

on-board computer, etc.

But there are also more expensive equipment. And here the manufacturer offers such options that competitors are not at all.

The only flaw is the lack of options for selecting the engine and the checkpoint. Under the hood, all cars have a 1.6-liter turbo engine that works in a pair with a 7-speed «robot».

If the manufacturer will pay more attention to the subject of technical diversity, then CheryExeed TXL will not only catch up in the near future, but will distort all its competitors.