Chinese dump trucks are ready for a new wave, which collapses Russia

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

As you know, the first Chinese dump truck appeared in Russia at the very beginning of the fat years at the end of 2004. At first, this fact did not appreciate this fact, but in just a couple of years, this technique from the Middle Kingdom has become so popular with construction and road construction organizations, which in the end a few years had to take measures.

Recall, then in the middle of the first decade of the XXI century, the realization of the first large-scale projects after the crisis 90s began, where the state began to invest serious investments. These are federal projects as «new united Russia roads», «Comfortable and affordable housing to Russians», «The completion of bridge-long-term bridges», «APEC summit in Vladivostok», etc.

Then these large-scale and many other less large-scale construction sites and Chinese dump trucks rushed. At the same time, builders and operators did not embarrass the name or the scheme of the origin of this technique.

The most popular dump truck of the first fat years, undoubtedly became

This «Chinese wave» alarmed the heads of the enterprises of domestic auto industry and churring the branch of officials. Therefore, at the beginning of the coming second decade, measures were taken to build a civilized delivery model of such equipment to our country. After all, it is no secret that numerous «gray schemes» flourished in those fatses. We will not cover this serious question, and we turn to the next, the second «Chinese Wave».

As you know, in Russia, the market of trucks met the world crisis of 2008-2010 at the peak of its development, and, as a result, the sharply collapsed, without justifying, thereby, the most optimistic expectations. But in 2011, the truck market began to recover intensively.

And here is the change of leader. For the distant 2011 among heavy dump trucks, the first place for imports (46%) is occupied by the Chinese brand SHACMAN (Shaanxi). If we talk about all the dump trucks sold on the territory of the Russian Federation 10 years ago, then Shacman then ranked third after Kamaz and Maza. That is, this brand from the Middle Kingdom became the leader and ranked first in the segment of imported heavy dump trucks in the Russian market. And so almost all past decades lasted.

But our channel received data on the state of the truck market in the current 2021, and we were very surprised. See yourself.

First, Chinese trucks, according to AA Autostat, are the most dynamic segment of the Russian truck market. Following the first 4 months, this truck segment has grown

And now still let’s look at specific numbers. They are presented in the table.

Some explanations are required here. The first five Chinese brands are real truck manufacturers. But the manufacturers of special equipment (XCMG, ZOOMLION, SANY) were also included in this sign, which was delivered to trucks. And where to attract them? This is, first.

Secondly, it is also necessary to clearly see the role and place on the Russian market of Chinese trucks. It is less than ten percent.

And thirdly, the chinese segment of the Chinese segment has changed. Now here

Due to what was published in the leaders «The First Automotive», this is how the abbreviation FAW is decrypted. The answer to this question in another statistical selection.

Table 2 Models leaders of the Chinese segment in the Russian Federation in 2021

As we see, a lot of advertised dump truck Jac N350 has shown itself. But he needs time, because the truck market is conservative. Need time. But what is noteworthy.


Such a casus happened in the first third of the current 2021. So far I will not make far-reaching conclusions, but the precedent is interesting. In principle, they explain, because on this car chassis FAW is installed not only the dumping superstructure, but also a number of others.

And the most important thing. Our channel remembered that last year FAW implemented 743 trucks, of which 70% had to dump trucks. The leaders of the brand in Russia at the beginning of the year voiced their plans for 2021. They modally announced 10% of the growth in comparison with last year. And this is about 800-820 trucks. But for the first third of the year, this plan is made more than half. Is it really waiting for a change of leader in the Chinese segment?