Citroen SpaceTourer — It’s time to go on a trip

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Interesting things creates with auto industry. The overwhelming world of the coronavirus pandemic. Her «finally completed» a general crisis in the global economy. The demand for cars has reformatted significantly. Popularity is gaining crossovers, and the C-segment auto-segment has been given to leadership (it seems that for a long time) Compact sedans in-class. The demand for minivans and fell to a minimum at all.

It is interesting how the segment of minibuses feels like in a similar setting. It turns out that the market share is completely preserved, the demand is stable and it encourages manufacturers to actively work on improving the appearance, technical and operational parameters.

One of the leaders here is Citroen, which plans to establish a serial release of the new SpaceToRer minibus by the end of 2021. It is noteworthy that the production of the car will be organized in the territory of the Kaluga plant of the PSA concern.


SpaceTourer offered by European motor vehicles is produced in two versions of the wheelbase (2925 mm and 3275 mm), as well as three body versions: 4606 mm, 4959 mm, 5309 mm. In Russia, SpaceToURer will not be available in a short version. So solved the manufacturer.

Interestingly issued a driver’s seat, see:

Agree inherent in the French style and elegance are viewed in each line. In the traditional style, the dashboard is decorated, where it performed an odd «digitization» of indicators, and the speedometer and the tachometer have an original pentagonal framing.

Important advantage

«Space shuttle» (free translation of the title) — SpaceTourer in Russia should «take care.» For this, the car has all the source data, including affordable price and rich equipment. In just 2 million, the happy owner of a multi-site minibus receives a car in the basic configuration. In the equipment included:


a stabilization system and courseworthy;

4 airbags;

two-zone climate control;

full electric circuit;

Modern radio with support for all basic functions.

If you wish, you can turn the minibus salon in a comfortable

The extended SpaceToRer model in the maximum (top) configuration will cost 2.6 million. But the auto owner will receive a more compatible and comfortable interior with numerous additional options for this money.

The result was a very spectacular, reliable and inexpensive option. Judge for yourself: the nearest competitors, Mercedes-Benz V-Class and Volkswagen Multivan, stand from 4 million.

In the Russian market, Citroen went into a very specific niche. Expect the mass of sales in it does not have to. Therefore, it may over time, given the huge expanses of our country, craving for traveling our population, similar cars and will find their buyer.