Clarios presents a new improved version of the portal for Varta® Partner Portal partners: advanced feature for experts

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

• Now on the portal even more useful tools and know-how

• Support partners in everyday work

• VARTA® Partner Portal — a service station in choosing a suitable battery technology

Clarios, whose batteries are installed under the hood of each third car in the world, launched an updated version of its online service and the VARTA® Partner Portal information platform. The improved portal contains all product information and VARTA services on one site to provide one hundred solutions that go beyond the familiar and widely used battery selection features. It provides know-how on rechargeable subjects in a selection of articles in the Battery World Professional section and allows customers to be aware of topical regional news about events and Varta® promotions. Clarios also demonstrates on the portal some of the future features of the e-learning section.

The main advantage of the new Portal Varta® Partner Portal is that all Varta® services are now available on one site. Portal users will find all familiar tools in the section «Selection of the battery». Regardless of whether the mechanics need to find a suitable battery for a particular car, its exact location or detailed installation instructions — the «Selection of the battery» will provide all the necessary information. Its database covers 99.5%, or 383 million registered cars, and is constantly updated. Special attention is paid to cars with START-STOP systems. One of the new features is the ability to see and save previous user search queries.

Battery World Professional section offers to your attention technical articles containing valuable batteries — from basic things to expert know-how. Regional news, events and promotions are now also available on the new VARTA® Partner Portal.

Support and know-how for one hundred

A hundred and car owners face a growing number of problems related to new technologies and requirements. «The previous version of our portal has taught us a lot, in terms of what our partners need, — explains

He also stressed that technical knowledge is more important for a hundred. Here