Competitive advantage

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Replacing motor oil, beyond doubt, the most common operation performed by a hundred. And since it most often does not require special skills and skills, competition in it is extremely high. How to stand out on such a competitive field? One way to tell me in our publication. And experienced experienced experts will help.

Mystery earnings

By itself, the operation of replacement of engine oil does not apply to the number of high-art. She takes massibility, the flow — the more customers, the feeling on the circle growth of profitability. However, in the context of an extremely rich competitive environment, this circumstance plays not at all «for», but rather «against», putting a rather complicated task to ensure this mass.

How is the service station in this situation? How to create a tight, stable traffic, attracting and attracting people? First of all, naturally, the desire to play with the price of the service. However, infinite discounting, as is known, does not lead to anything good in the end and instead of long-term yield turns into inevitable losses.

Moreover, more and more enterprises choose the tempting strategy: bought oil and filter — replacement for free. Work in this scheme is not paid by the client, what then to earn? On consumables? That is, on oil and filter? Option. But in the consumables market, the processes go similar — to fall in price infinitely, just what goes to themselves at a loss, it’s still very quickly snaps. Especially if we are talking about branded products from its RPC and other restrictions.

In fact, it turns out that from one competitive flame, the service gets into another. And there and there are perspectives of foggy, if not to say limited, because customers have now quite well learn to monitor market prices, good, in the assistants there are accessible information systems. Punch the cost of oil, filter via the Internet — a pair of trifles. Call on the way to work or to the cottage and buy the required capacity at the lowest cost — also easy.

As a result, it is very often, especially, again, in relation to the well-known brand products, saving the car enthusiast, even if the oil, he will change for a fee and spend half an hour (or even, let it, two) of his precious time to purchase, will be sufficient. In any case, it is quite satisfied that it is fundamentally important. The game, as they say, is worth the candle.

So then to be a hundred? Experienced servicemen and experts suggest: no need to look for a black cat in a dark room. Not the fact that it is there at all. In other words — in many cases it is more expedient to leave the highly competitive segments, the good, the modern Russian market is characterized by the widest variety of motor oils of various marks. And these brands, as well as their «senior comrades» from global transcontinental corporations, offer very and very interesting conditions for cooperation, providing and marketing support, and technical, and, importantly, very attractive marginality. At the same time, there is absolutely no questions to the quality — it is worthy. And the products offered by them also have tolerances of automakers of the latest editions.

And so that you do not doubt, here are two interesting examples.

Straight from Belgium …

Products under brand

They are produced at a single factory in Belgium —

Recently, the assortment of Champion products in Russia has replenished a completely new category of motorcycle lubricants. It presents three different rules covering the needs of all categories of motor transport owners, from high-quality oils for amateurs to high-tech lubricants based on Ester + technology, specially designed for professionals and athletes.

Conducted tests and versatile studies have repeatedly confirmed that Champion oils provide peak engine performance, maximum protection, increased oil replacement intervals, resistance to complex external conditions and fuel savings.


Champion Lubicant together with his partner and official representative in the territory of the Russian Federation — Tosol-Synthesis offer its customers and partner a hundred and comprehensive support.

It is based on a special loyalty program for a hundred «Champion Service Point». The main task of this program is the help of a service station at the new business level in terms of the quality and scale of services provided, the technical expertise of staff personnel, as well as outdoor and internal design.

The main directions that cover the program for STR and PRM from Champion Lubricants is:

• Branding — the Supplier offers an optimal set of branded materials for both outdoor and internal design service, which helps to improve the IMIDA STR and helps attract new customers.

• Equipment is the basis of the loyalty program. A wide selection of professional and high-quality equipment from the Champion catalog allows you to improve the quality of services, facilitate the operation of the mechanic and reduce the cost of time on individual manipulations, which is positively reflected in the general financial result.

• training in the format of trainings and webinars covers a wide range of topics — from technical aspects to commercial.

• Communication and promotion. The program’s task is to comprehensive supporting partnerships. That is why Champion Lubicant, together with Tosol-Synthesis, focus not only on the technical and visual equipment of STR and PRS, but also promote their partners through the official website. The final client can always find the next partner station «Champion Service Point» with a convenient geolocrator on the portal.

To connect to the program, you must sign a contract. It is convenient that the parameters of this agreement determines the client itself. Depending on the scale of the desired support, a hundred may vary the timing and dimensions of the monthly purchase within the framework of the contract to choose the most convenient format. A specially designed investment calculator makes this task as simple as possible.

After that, it is necessary to conclude an additional agreement with the distributor of the supplier and comply with the established procurement volume. Everything else takes Champion Lubicant and Tosol-Synthesis.

An important part of the program, as already noted, is marketing and technical support. Partners have access to full technical information and support from a specialist company, which can give detailed advice on all Champion products.

Additionally, technical seminars and sales seminars for the program participants are being held.

In addition, detailed technical descriptions, as well as all information about specifications and OEM approval available 24/7 on the site of the Champion Lubicands brand and in a convenient branded mobile application that can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android.

All branded posts are entered on the map on the brand website. The largest partner stations are additionally allocated on the site to ensure the priority show of these STRs when searching. Their client sees the first on the list of points located close to it.

… and Korea


Last one and a half or two years ago, the company revised marketing instruments, sharply increased activity and developed a number of effective know-how for all market players: large suppliers, their wholesalers (this is a hundred, shops, corporate fleets), as well as motorists directly.


In turn, traditional types of marketing support are provided for car service. It is branding of the room outside and inside, installing pointers and flags, providing workwear, pumps for barrels, etc. Also possible co-brand (in Russia there are several hundred called

But besides the usual types of support,

Further, together with the partner, a plan for the launch of the promotional code «to the people» is being developed. Sometimes it is enough to hang a poster on the wall or announcement on the counter to interest customers.

Excellent results bring joint shares with regional autoclubs. For example, in Belgorod, the owner of the Garage Stream together with two autoclubs reported in club Internet communities about free fuel in its promotional code. As a result, received about hundreds of new customers and the status of the club service. And many such examples.

A natural question may arise: why a car enthusiast, after registering a promotional code and getting free fuel, should ultimately visit a hundred of your partner? Everything is very simple and logical. After registering a promotional code, a new club participant sees 10 liters of fuel in his account and receives mini-instructions for the next step. It is offered to buy or pour at least GT Oil products. After that, he will receive a fuel card and another 30% of the cost of the acquired product — in addition to the 10 liters available. With an average cost of 4 liters of oil 1700 rubles. The client will eventually spend on the oil of only 700, and 1000 rubles. He will come back. Naturally, oil

It is noteworthy that at the same time GT Oil does not suffer from the wastefulness of transnational brands, very thoughtfully approaching the spending of its marketing budgets: letters them into a real turnover and concrete affairs stimulates their partners. Advertising

At the same time, cooperation with athletes and autobakers for the price is incommensurable cheaper and gives a greater flight of creative fantasy. What is only one Propelle CNN report on the new proof of a reasonable life on Mars. This report passed a message about the fact that the planet found a system of channels repeating a sign from the GT Oil logo. And this suggests that there is Mrsian on Earth. The joke suddenly very well «entered» — the company’s website after that showed record results of attendance, and the roller himself scored 100 thousand views.

The main thing is that bloggers do not deceive their audience. And the stars of motor racing are not poured into the beloved car an unknown story.

Well, a few words about the brand products itself. It is produced in Korea, on the same factory and from the same raw materials as the names of Valvoline, GM (AC Delco), Cummins. The recipes use only the base oils 3+ groups, lubrizol additives, PAO and ESTERA. Oil is facing at the plant. Some interference in the contents of the cans is excluded.

The GT Oil brand is not so widespread so that it is formed. Nevertheless, his warranty program has been launched: the company providing fake company guarantees replacing it to the original and gives a fuel card with 100 liters of fuel. Such guarantees have not yet given a single oil producer.

And in the plans

Rate on profit

The above examples allow you to make two very serious outputs. First, if for one hundred replacement of motor oil is not just a preliminary service, including regular customers, in order to preserve their loyalty and affection, that is, for a hundred engine oil replacement — this is a real business on which she wants to earn, then Without cooperation with manufacturers, what is called, on their own, today can not do. And it does not matter in which segment — expensive premium products or more affordable budgetary, domestic or imported it works. Just because, independently buying lubricants and other technical fluids, it will never receive all those preferences and are so good prices that it gives partnership with a brand. On the free market, everything will always definitely be more expensive. Plus the huge risk of fakes and all other troubles that the free market threatens. And of course, no marketing, technical and so on. There is no support.

Secondly, high competition makes looking towards not very promoted, but energetically spinning marks. Why pushed elbows in a gluable crowd when there is a practically free platform nearby? It is clear that there is no point in the premium products. Moreover, it is often fraught with enough negative consequences for business, because among the car owners a lot of adherents of original engine oils and technical fluids, quite a lot and fans of specific brands. They cannot lose them in any way. And even if they do not make the stations with a tangible cashier, they still remain in her clients, and therefore, in the future, you can and need to work throughout the spectrum of directions.

However, in general, there is a very often an objective need for modeling a proposal based on an integrated approach. This feature cannot be excluded and miss. Examine the market of your region. Explore the offer of suppliers. Thoroughly, on points. What gives what they want to get in return. How famous is the brand, what is his reputation. Equipment, training, packaging, regularity of supplies, minimum purchases. Analyze marginality and probable turnover.

On the other hand, look at who comes to who orders what. And most importantly — to whom and what can be sold. Indeed, with all the personal preferences of the car owners and even more so in such a difficult economic situation as now, not alien to the economy. Savings, of course, with the mind. Motor oil should be engine oil and meet the stated characteristics, without checking, running a long time. Compromises in the matter of product quality are unacceptable — the rate is too high. Then we never wake up.

And already armed with the collected luggage of knowledge, take the final solution and select a specific supplier. Without which today, we will repeat, make the replacement of engine oil well-profitable service is absolutely impossible.