Complete Transfiguration — Mitsubishi Outlander in a completely new body


Due to a number of subjective reasons, the Japanese Parquer Mitsubishi Outlander has not become particularly popular in the global market. We will not disclose the reasons and consider the consequences of such a state of affairs is a topic for a separate conversation. Here, we note that the manufacturer did not fold, but continued to «refine» the car, seeking to make it more successful and competitive.

Moreover, the Japanese autoconecern managed to develop a completely new Mitsubishi Outlander car, in whose appearance is very difficult to find at least some similarity with the previous model. So the restyling can only speak purely hypothetically.

The new Mitsubishi Outlander was represented by a wide user audience just a few days ago. It would seem that the staffing event scheduled for the annual car dealership in the Chinese city of Chongqing became a central event. The company introduced the Mitsubishi model in a unique version of the SPACE SOJOURN EDITION. The special version of the crossover turned out to be the very «highlight» to which hundreds of experts pecked and most likely they will join the thousands of car enthusiasts. So the brand will have to change the strategy and start mass production of Mitsubishi Outlander Space.


In appearance, the novelty as much as possible with full-fledged SUVs. But it was performed more stylish, elegant and a little unusual (but this is a matter of time). Not only the original body color is directly indicated on serious off-road qualities, but also a special form of large massive wings. Under them are hidden large-sized wheels with rubber, specially designed for off-road driving

Pay attention to an interesting design solution: Instead of the classic and usual radiator lattice, a plastic lacquered plug is fixed together with the air intake. What does it say about, can you guess? Of course, the fact that powerful electric motors are used as a power unit ….

That’s that! If it is important to win in a competitive struggle, it means that you need to keep up with the times. But I wonder how the electric Outlander will perceive in Russia?

The manufacturer fully segreed information on technical parameters and characteristics. This can be done for one of two reasons:

The first is too good, and the manufacturer plans to «blow up» the market.

The second — nothing new in the running and strength parameters could not be created. After all, the technical filling, as has long been known, is identical to the one that on the Nissan X-TRAIL / ROGUE promotor crossover.

Very soon it will be possible to look into the salon, and under the hood of new items, and also to know what will be on the Mitsubishi Outlander price!

But our Russians need to keep in mind that the new generation of Mitsubishi Outlander will be a local assembly in Kaluga at the plant of PSMA Rus. We hope that it is not tightened and Russian motorists will see Outlander in Mitsubishi branded salons at the beginning of next year. After all, the model of the previous generation is collected in Kaluga.

As for the Space version presented in our photos, there will be no assembly in Russia. The fact is that this version of the Japanese automaker will be represented only on the priority markets of Mitsubishi. Recall that Franco-Japanese Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi