CTR — selection of world automakers

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

The supplier of the conveyor is not just a handsome, loud title and global ambitions. First of all, this is the colossal responsibility of the manufacturer of autocomponents to ensure the highest level of product quality. Product worthy to be in the primary configuration. CTR of this responsibility is not afraid of this, on the right, in its segment, the highest position among suppliers of premium production products.

Let’s bypass without high words and pompous phrases — just turn to the facts. After all, the facts always performed and will play the best proof of declared statements.

And the facts in this case are as follows.

Fact first

CTR was founded in 1971 precisely as an exclusive manufacturer of details for Hyundai, simultaneously with the development of the first car of this brand. The decision was then needed enough operational and win-win, because the success of a colossal undertaking was put on the conversion — a joke whether to say: Localization of the parts of the suspension and steering! As the subsequent story showed, this decision was extremely true. Gradually, starting from the local market, after three decades, Hyundai cars have won the world market and, continuing to remain among the global industry leaders on all continents, sales of sales are steadily.

It happened and continues to occur largely due to high-quality parts — details of the chassis made by CTR. This is just that responsibility with which engineers approached the task. Responsibility that allowed them to achieve intended goals, satisfying not only the requirements of the automaker, but also the expectations of future car owners.

Fact two

The second fact is directly follows from the first. As they say in Russia: sewed in the bag do not hide. Glory Hero flies in front of him. Already very soon, the mastic transnational automotive concerns were about the achievements of a few more well-known South Korean firm CTR. Close more attentively, conducting detailed audits and tests, they began with small orders, today grew into large-scale supplies.

Chrysler and BMW, Audi and Ford, General Motors, Well, and, of course, Hyundai and Kia — now these are the main consumers of manufactured CTR products: parts of the steering and chassis, cardanov, transmission elements, engine and brake systems produced by 14 CTR plants.

CTR continues its record growth, getting more than 100 patents in South Korea and abroad.

And at the moment (and this is a very remarkable fact), CTR for five years in a row honored the title «Supplier of the Year», «Best R & D partner» and «Best Quality of the Year» from GM, Hyundai and Kia.

This will repeat at the moment. What awaits ahead? Six, seventh, etc. Nomination? After all, after all, CTR — and we are back to justice — it does not go on any compromises with quality, clearly following the principled position, which is the manufacture of autocomponents that fully relevant customer specifications are world automotive conveyors.

Fact Third

The third fact is an innovative-progressive character. This is not a fiction, it really happened. When Ilon Mask was looking for a suspension for his electric vehicle Tesla, he had a lot of consultations with professional industry experts. Experienced General Motors experts, which he completely trusted, were concise. «Apply to CTR,» they advised him, «you will not find autocomponents cheaper and better at the same time.»

You ask what followed this? Tesla rose to the CTR suspension and went confidently and purposefully conquer the world with its innovative technologicality. There are no time collaboration (naturally, not on scratch; it is necessary to clearly understand that before concluding the appropriate agreement, the products were comprehensively verified by the American automaker) successfully developing and understood, strengthening together with the positions of electrified mobility.

CTR products comply with key global quality management standards (ISO / TS 16949), environmental management systems (ISO 14001: 2004) and professional health and safety management systems (OHSAS 18001: 2007).

Fort Fourth

The fourth is not even a fact, but a combination of facts responsible for possible issues, but the main thing — contributing to the elimination of certain uncertainty in the fact that the CTR autocomponents are supplied to the secondary market.

The fact is that 90% of the modern volume of CTR production is primary equipment and only 10% is the secondary market. Such a ratio allows, without any additional economic, financial, technological and other workload on production to provide favorable prices with consistently high quality of details.

Moreover, having such a ratio is purely technologically inappropriate to produce products of two or more quality levels.

All CTR Details made, regardless of the scope of application — primary equipment or secondary market — are manufactured on the same equipment from the same raw materials according to the same production programs.

And just a mass production is capable of providing the most preferences that receive its consumer: consistently high quality with a guaranteed low cost.

The CTR scientific center is developed by more than 500 new product positions per year to meet customer needs.

An interesting feature. In the CTR assortment, do not find spare parts for exotic and / or small-sector cars. Only on mass models. Why? Because if the model is less than 1000 pcs. per year, all the advantages described above the CTR components will be able to ensure.


South Korea purchases iron in Russia and China, but having an old tradition and a huge experience in metallurgy, steel coats from it herself. Moreover, cooks such steel, which is very highly valued in the international market, at the level of American and Japanese.

Did not know? Yes, there is such a curious fact — at a time when all Asia eat with wooden sticks, South Korea — steel. Lesse is then to be surprised that the technology of forging has become historically extremely developed in this country. Well, since the steel is made in Korea, it means its price is definitely lower. Everything is simple and logical.

And here we also seek responsibility. Responsibility to be taken over and with honor to carry, so as not to disappoint your consumer, whether it is at least the giant of the automotive industry, at least an individual car owner. No matter how the consumers distinguish, the measure of responsibility, in fact, is the same everywhere, because in both cases we are talking about the quality of very important components of the car responsible for the safety of the road. For the life and health of the driver and passengers!

CTR understands this responsibility, accepts and immaculately implements, releasing the products of the highest quality. That is why CTR was chosen by many global automakers as a conveyor supplier. That is why the Russian service station will never regret if they follow their example, by choosing CTR.