Do you believe that America can stay without motors on gasoline and diesel?


No matter what the answer to the question is, it is safe to say that in the US, the case has shifted from the «dead point»! The first state that declared the refusal of the fuel engine, was Washington. The authorities declared the adoption of the relevant law called Clean Cars 2030 («Clean Cars 2030»). In accordance with the decision taken from this moment, a ban on the sale of new cars with a gasoline or diesel engine will be introduced. It remains for small — to put the signature to the governor. We think this will happen in the very near future.

United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Korea, Canada and even China: all over the world there is a development and implementation of environmentally friendly sources of electricity, as well as the development of electric transport.

Many countries declare that by 2030 or by 2035, the production of machines with motors violating ecology will be rolled out. Well, in our country, everything is as always: we hope for oil and gas, we believe that it is a hundred years for 40-50 we have enough of this wealth and do almost nothing in terms of the development of new sources.

Do you think that there may be a decision of the Audi autocontracena to refuse the use of DVS we could inspire us? No! Maybe we do not like Audi and impresses Folkswagen’s failure? Also no! I wonder if we have any program, like the South Korean, who adopted the «New Green Course» leadership? Most likely, we have nothing like that. It is not surprising that in 30 years we will hopelessly lagging behind the entire civilized world and in this direction.

However, it’s time to return to the states. Decided (should enter into legal sieve only after 9 years) is the time to solve many problems. While this is a list of targets to which the authorities of Washington’s state are striving. There are no clear instructions in the document. There are also no explanations, for example, to find sources of financing for the construction and repair of roads. Now this important service is paid at the expense of excise taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel.

Many progressively arguing car owners in our country hope that the refusal of the use of DVS is actively promoted in Europe to reach Russia. And the authorities will finally take at least some decisions.

How much can already be lagging behind the whole world?! Maybe it’s time to stop spending forces and funds for incomprehensible and hard-toalizable projects (North Stream-2), but to make an active development of your own auto industry?

In the meantime, Singapore’s authorities give us an example: from 2040, a ban on the use of DVS will spread to the entire fleet of the country

What awaits Russia? What do you think?