Does your PARTKER hit the top 10?

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Of course, it is nice to realize that the choice of the car you did at one time turned out to be correct. The best indicator of the advance of competitors is, of course, the user demand for cars. And the demand is easy to evaluate — just look at the top 10 parkerchiefs. Such reviews periodically conduct authoritative car logs.

Fresh result

Most recently published the top 10 PAR operators of 2021, more precisely, the first quarter from January to March. One single indicator was estimated: how many cars of a particular brand were sold throughout the country. Agree, such a top 10 of the best crossovers can be considered as objective and reliable as possible. Especially if it is compiled by experts of the Association of European Businesses.

Opens the Top 10 Parketniks of 2021 (1 Quarter)

On the 9th position is updated

8th place in the ranking of 2021 crossover ranks

At the 7th position with a solid number of purchases in 5344 units. located

As always stylish and elegant

Closes the first «five» PARCOnitsa 2021, which are included in the top 10 —

Buyers give the fourth position

Honored third place among crossovers of 2021, acquired in the 1st quarter in Russia, in the German car

Gorgeous inside and outside Toyota RAV4, in our opinion, was supposed to take a confident first position. And more than 11,200 people confirmed their respect model.

Nevertheless, the leaders broke out

But the question remains open: how much about the quality of the car can we talk, citing buying demand?