Driving a car with worn outflows of steering and suspension


Steering components can be damaged. The reasons for this is a lot of riding on uneven roads, blows about borders or just wear as a result of long use.

Since the steering system is important for the car and vital for the safety of passengers, any wear of the system components must be eliminated as quickly as possible.

Another question: How long can you ride after the first symptoms (creaking or knockout) of malfunction in the steering control start manifest?

Let’s talk about some of the most vulnerable parts in vehicles with a steering system.

Is it possible to ride with faulty steering rods?

Steering thrust are the steering components that hold the front wheels in the position consistent with the steering wheel, and help rotate the wheels when the driver turns the steering wheel. The symptoms of the worn or damaged steering wheel is a knock on the road irregularities or a suspicious sound when turning, the backlash is on the steering wheel, uneven wear of the tires and the possible car in the direction.

Probably, these symptoms may seem insignificant. But it should be remembered how catastrophic may be consequences from neglecting by these signals. For example, when the steering thrust fails, the wheel loses control, and this, in turn, leads to the loss of control of the entire car. At the first signs of any wear of the steering, the steering is already under threat, and the car becomes dangerous to control! Worn or faulty steering should be immediately replaced.

Is it possible to ride with damaged traction stabilizer transverse stability?

Transverse stability stabilizer thrust help prevent excessive rolls during turns and maintain car stability. They bind a stabilizer with pendant components. Symptoms of worn-out thrust is a knock on the irregularities of the road and the backlash in the connections when inspecting the parts of the suspension.

The worst scenario for highly worn thrust is a complete disconnection of the transverse stability stabilizer from the wheels. This leads to excessive rolls of the car in turns and reduces its stability. In addition, it can jam the suspension and damage its elements loose traction.

Of course, you can continue to go by car with damaged traction, but the danger is already present. Therefore, if the driver fell into such a situation, we advise him to choose smooth asphalt roads, avoid maneuvers and stay away from high-speed highways with a multibone flow of machines. And we strongly recommend immediately replace the faulty details and do not experience fate.

Is it possible to ride with defective silent blocks?

Silent blocks (rubberometallic hinges) work as a pillow between the parts and limit the movement in the connections, at the same time reducing road noise, vibration and rigidity. Symptoms of worn hinges are clanging sounds or creak, uneven wear of tires, as well as deterioration of controllability and braking when braking.

In the worst case (when silent blocks completely fail), the parts of the suspension and steering are starting to contact each other as «metal with metal», which can damage parts or bending.

Weakly worn silent block does not create danger, the car is quite suitable for operation. However, it is not worth tightening with repair. Delay often leads to an increase in the cost of repair work, since a simple replacement of silent block can also be added to the replacement of damaged steering parts and suspension. Therefore, it is important to establish new rubberometallic hinges at the first signs of wear. And if the wear led to the metal contact with the metal, then the replacement of the silent block is required immediately.

Is it possible to ride with faulty ball hinges?

The ball joint acts as a rolling joint between wheels and suspension, allowing you to drive a car and providing a comfortable ride. The symptoms of a worn ball hinge are a knock, creaking, vibration on the steering wheel, car screeching on the road and uneven wear of the tires.

In the worst case, if the ball hinge is broken, the wheel gets a lot of degrees of freedom. The steering is completely lost, the «released» wheel damages everything that falls into contact with it. More often from this, the wing or part of the steering and the suspension suffers. In this case, the risk of an accident is very high. So what about any ride with a damaged ball hinge cannot be speech! Cars with signs of worn balls should be immediately delivered to inspection and replace hinges.

Is it possible to drive a car with a faulty lever suspension?

The suspension lever connects the wheel suspension with the car body, allows wheels to move up and down, limiting the movement forward and backward. The symptoms of a faulty lever are a knock or clang, as well as the deviation of the car to the side when driving on an uneven road or with sharp acceleration / braking. (The suspension lever has a ball hinge and silent blocks in the design, so «their» symptoms are applicable to the suspension levers).

When the suspension lever breaks from the rigid operating conditions, or the driver neglects its components (silent blocks, ball), then this again leads to the «release» of the wheel. And what happens in this case — is described above.

If there are any signs of damage to the suspension lever, then this is a reason for the immediate inspection of the car.

It is also desirable to inspect the condition of the suspension elements for any possibility. Although rarely, but it happens that fatigue cracks appear in the suspension material. And then timely repair will save from many troubles and save life as the owner of the vehicle and others.

What in the dry residue?

When it comes to the steering and suspension systems, then the car handling is a number one priority for the safety of those in the car and on the road. Never ignore the slightest changes in sounds, comfort or steering behavior. They may be signs of the problem that has begun, which leads to disastrous consequences. Contact technical and specialists, in particular, to developing Delphi Technologies, when you need to replace the steering parts or suspension on the car. And good luck on the roads!

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