Easy and simple: how the Niva turns into a car luxury

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл


Niva owners are proud of their car and consider it the best off-road. Indeed, the unique combination of the engine, transmission and chassis, as well as the experience and skill of the driver, allow you to create real wonders. Niva 4×4 calmly overcomes such sections, where any other car (including numerous jeeps) will be stuck on the first meters of the way.

A lot of motorists and complaints on an SUV. First of all, concerning the appearance, comfort and availability of additional options. Obviously, it is possible to significantly increase the prestige of Niva, if you work on the interior and exterior, try to add some options inherent in the premium car.

Some say, and others do! Indeed, the VAZ-212140 sample of 2005 release is a good, good-free SUV. But a relatively simple car in the hands of craftsmen turns into a car, which is not ashamed to ride not only in the garden ring, but also by other major highways of the country.

One of the owners of the legendary car (which wished to remain unknown) introduced his «finalized» car for everyone to see. In this way, he not only improved his Niva, but also challenged engineers-constructors of the automobile plant.

Changes touched the exterior and interior. What did you decide to change our hero? Let’s see!


Transformed the car almost completely. Old Niva 4×4, perhaps, can be found only on a corporate sign on the radiator grille. And the changes affected the following structural elements:

the wheels are installed with a diameter of 22»» and 10»»»»’s width;

the «refinement» of the wheeled arches was required;


installed new optics (used tuning version specifically for Niva);

solidity and brutality, strict nature appearance of the radiator grille, organically complementing the exterior of the entire car.


Changed the steering wheel

Of course, the engine, suspension, transmission remained in factory execution. But the car completely transformed. To buy such an Niva 4×4, it seems to us, many would want.