Elegant Liftbek Jac J7 — China gives Europeans to

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Recently, most of the windows of motorists are sent towards crossovers. And Chinese crossovers in the fight against competitors are selected

Therefore, the Chinese, who submitted their Liftbek J7, most likely not mistaken. The robust demand for the car is still stronger, and from people who want to become the owner of a new Jac J7, long queues are formed!

What «hooked» car enthusiasts «Red Dragon»!? No, it is not yet with us. After all, the Jac brand in Russia is still little known, the car enthusiasts are still «not divesed.»

Meanwhile, it became known that the German Volkswagen became recently the owner of half of the shares of the Chinese automaker Jac. So without excessive noise, in a friendly family, a dozen brands of the German concern joined another brand of Middle Kingdom. But let’s still look at Liftbek.

The first thing that pay attention is, of course, appearance. And the overall impression of the car is the most positive. The car really turned out to be beautiful, stylish, modern. Sizes should also be said are also rather big: length is almost 4.8 meters, and this is more, for example, compared to the Skoda Octavia quite popular in Russia. At the same time, J7 looks stylish and elegant, on the road stands out from the flow of cars due to its special silhouette, decorated with chrome details.

The overall impression of appearance is the most positive! And what in the cabin?

Nominally, the Chinese is designed for 4 places, excluding the driver. But in fact, it is a car for two. Only the passengers will be conveniently located in the back row, whose growth does not reach 170 cm. Agree, there are few people in our country! But here everything looks perfect. The landing is comfortable, the profile of the chairs allows not to experience fatigue even after a long stay at the wheel.

Driving the driver will not be easily comfortable, but also nice. Ergonomics at the highest level, and the maximum digitalization of management significantly facilitates the life of the machine owner!

In general, the interior of Jac J7 turned out to be arranged at the best! And what under the hood?

At the moment, the manufacturer managed to equip the car with only one type of motor — the turbocharged «four», with a capacity of 136 hp (Interestingly, in the PRC, the same DVS gives 150 «horses»). A variator operating reliably in normal operating conditions works in a pair with a fairly traded motor. You should not demand from the car behavior at the sports car level, and then the car will last long!

For all other parameters, the car is not inferior to anything, but does not win the competitors in its class. It can be concluded that the main advantage of J7 is a stylish design. A, and also — affordable price. In the basic configuration — this is a little more than 1 million. So the success of Jac J7 is the case of the near future!