Engine for Aurus Senat entrusted the KAMAZ plant

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Recall that quite recently (or rather — on May 31, 2021), the mass production of the Russian auto-class Aurus Senat was launched in Elabuga. A model is produced in 2 body versions: limousine and sedan. Our compatriots will be interested to know that it is a limousine with an armored corps at the moment is the main car of the passenger No. 1 — President of the Russian Federation V. Putin!

Completion of cars of the Aurus family involves the installation of a hybrid motor with a capacity of 598 hp, consisting of:

4.4 l gasoline engine V8,

electric motor;

Rechargeable battery.

Included 9-speed automatic transmission R932- Fully domestic development of Kate.


Now the Cylinder Block and foreign production head is installed on the Aurus Senat sedan. As part of the implementation of the import substitution program, as well as more active development of the domestic auto industry, it was decided to replace imported details in the very near future, establishing the components of domestic production. And this important mission of Kamsky Avtohygigant is entrusted.

This decision commented on A. Efremov, the head of the production of color casting. The leader explained that the work at the Foundry Auto Giant factory was conducted since 2019. The task is to ensure the manufacture of the most complex castings for engines Nami-4123:

block of cylinders;


Support plates.

In total, the company must master the release of more than 30 positions that will be installed not only to the new, but also on the existing equipment.

Requirements for the details and power components of AURUS are the highest — achieve premium quality. Provide 100% tightness, power of about 600 hp And it is possible to reduce the mass of the car only with perfect casting. The engineers, designers and workers of the foundry are actively working on this.

When can we completely refuse import items? Efremov voiced the following plans: