Exactly on time: the display of displays for iPhone 13 has already started


Despite the fact that the announcement of the next-generation iPhone is at least three months old, Apple and its partners began preparing for launch. For example, the production of displays for new iPhone has already started.

According to insiders, Samsung Display and LG Display have already begun mass production of OLED panels for the iPhone line 13. It’s a month earlier than the production of displays for iPhone 12 last year. It is noted that while working on the iPhone goes according to the plan in accordance with the deadlines, so we hope that the launch of the following Apple smartphones will take place on time, that is, in September, and not in October, as last year.

Sources say that Samsung has begun to release display panels in mid-May, a week aversion of LG. It should be said here that Samsung will get a majority of the order for iPhone 13. According to some data, Apple ordered about 80 million OLED panels from Samsung, while LG will release only 30 million screens. But the Chinese company Boe, which was supposed to become the third manufacturer of displays for iPhone 13, could not enter the supply chain. But, if you believe in fresh leakage, Boe will still release screens for new iPhone, however, they will be used as a replacement when repairing smartphones, that is, we are talking about spare displays for service centers.

As expected, the IPhone 13 line will be a real breakthrough. New smartphones will receive screens with an adaptive update frequency up to 120 Hz instead of the current 60 Hz and will be offered two methods of biometric authentication. In addition to the already familiar face recognition system Face ID in the iPhone will return the fingerprint scanner, however, now it will not be built into the HOME button, but directly in the display. The following iPhone will be based on the new A15 Bionic chipset manufactured by TSMC and will receive support for 5G and Wi-Fi 6e.