Experience, equipment, expertise — Three whales, on which Bosch auto service keeps

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Bosch auto service is the largest network of independent STR in the world — in January 2021 celebrated its century. Why did the bid for cooperation with individual auto repair shops turned out to be so successful? Did this format take effect in Russia? And how is the Russian market able to help the network in its global development?

We are talking about this with the regional director of the Bosch division «Automobile spare parts and diagnostic equipment» in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Central Asia and the Transcaucasus Alexander Aleshin:

In 2021, Bosch auto service celebrates the 100th anniversary. What status and with what results the network approached this date?

The history of the Bosch car service has begun in 1921 in Hamburg with the appearance of the first workshop of Bosch on the installation of spare parts and repair of cars. After only 10 years, there were already 2750 service partners in 78 different countries of the world. A century later, the number of workshops on the Bosch car service exceeds 15 thousand in 150 countries, about 200 thousand cars run through them, and the number of employees around the world is more than 90 thousand. So it will not be an exaggeration to say that to its own Tsentrable Anniversary Bosch Auto Service came in the status of the leader in the market of independent car repair shops, providing a full cycle of services.

What makes the Bosch auto service concept unique and provides her successful development throughout this time?

creating the first auto repair shop, Robert Bosch made a bet on experience, special equipment and experts. This promise of high-quality service remains unchanged today. Moreover, words in this case are supported by the case and bring the result: in client surveys, the workshops of Bosch auto service are gaining an average of 4.4 points out of 5 possible.

The main secret of the success of the Bosch auto service concept is that we strive to maximally take into account the interests of both partners and customers. For first, this means access to the latest technologies for the diagnosis of cars, an effective logistics chain of supply parts and marketing activities. At their disposal accumulated over the decades of work of the concern’s examination in everything related to the diagnosis and maintenance of various brands and car models. As for the end consumers, for them the advantages of contacting Bosch auto service are to be held in high availability of original Bosch spare parts, as well as in high qualifications of technical personnel, which regular trainings and training courses provide.

How was the story of the Bosch car service in Russia? And is there any unique features in it — except that the centenary path was passed to a much more compressed duration?

Yes, of course, it is: the story of Bosch auto service in Russia began almost 70 years later, in 1994. It was then that we opened the first Bosch service.

(At that time, there was no console of a car in the title) in Moscow on an agricultural street. He specialized in the automotive electrician, injection systems and diesel engine technologies. We started in a very difficult time, which could not not affect the rate of development of the network — in four years there were only three workshops: in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod.

The new impetus to the development of the network gave a full-scale rebranding of 1999. Then the «Auto» prefix appeared in the title, and the services themselves abandoned a narrow specialization and became the workshops of a wide profile that could perform maintenance and repair from the bumper to bumper. As a result, in a couple of years, we managed to achieve intensive growth: by 2003 the rate of the emergence of new Bosch auto services in Russia was the highest in the entire European Region.

Have you had to take into account in this development the peculiarities of the national market, and not just global trends?

Just with these features and is connected by another turning point in the history of Bosch auto service in Russia. It occurred in 2018, after the currency crisis in 2014-2015. Then we went to change the existing concept and instead of intensive growth shifted the main focus on improving the quality of customer service, clearer compliance with existing Bosch standards. We even went to such a step as a reduction in the number of service partners — and to the pre-crisis 2014 they were about 300. At the moment, the Bosch auto service network has 54 workshops located throughout Russia, from Kaliningrad to Krasnoyarsk and from Severodvinsk to Gelendzhik. Representative offices of the Bosch Auto Service also have in Belarus, Ukraine, Central Asia and Transcaucasia countries. In total, there are about 200 hundred Bosch auto service.

In general, notable differences between the Russian and global offerings of Bosch auto service is not — that is, our customers receive the same level of service and access to the same capabilities as Bosch auto service in European countries and in other points of the world.

In general, our network is rapidly developing around the world, and various markets regularly exchange relevant experience and new business useful decisions. It’s nice that our region in this regard also has something to share. For example, our NPS loyalty assessment assessment service was highly appreciated by European colleagues. This tool allows users to evaluate the service in the Bosch auto service network, and directors — to receive an idea of ​​how high the likelihood is that this client will recommend Bosch auto service to his acquaintances, as well as to quickly identify and work out any negative. It helps to improve the quality of service and increase the image of individual STR and the network as a whole.

Century Anniversary — a reason not only look back, in the past, but also think about the future. What are the priorities in the further development of the Bosch auto service network?

The main tasks are the further growth of the network, more dense interaction with clients and service stations in the field of digital solutions and intelligent data use.

Bosch goal is to strengthen the position of a reliable and modern partner of motorists from around the world, not only today, but also in the future. It is very important, taking into account the fact that technologies today are developing rapidly and more complicated, which means that for each car owner the opportunity to seek high-quality, fast and highly professional help for any problems that have acquired a key value. Those times when the cars could serve independently or «on the knee» in the garage of the familiar crafts, passed irretrievably. Today, normal maintenance is impossible without appropriate equipment for repair and diagnostics, guaranteed access to spare parts, without knowledge and experience — that is, all of the Bosch auto service network seeks to provide its partners and what happened and remains its main competitive advantage.