Exposing lunar myths


For almost two years now we have been running a channel in Yandex.Zen dedicated to the popularization of science, in particular, everything related to space. We also run a Telegram channel, with a fairly large number of subscribers, and more recently — a YouTube channel.

Thanks to this, we get a lot of questions about space, the history of astronautics, and especially about the American manned flights to the moon. We have already devoted several articles here to this topic, but the stream of questions continues unabated.

Moreover, we notice that the questions are often the same: «Were there or weren’t?», «Why is the flag waving?», «How did the radiation not kill them?» etc.

Moreover, what surprises and saddens us, we notice that many questions are the result of the readers’ poor familiarity with the subject, i.e. with the US lunar program. This prompted us to return to this topic again. We recorded a video on our channel on yotube in which we analyze the main myths, misconceptions and fakes associated with the Apollo manned missions to the Moon.

A reader who is not very familiar with our channel may have a question: who is this «we?» and astrophysicist Karasenko F.V. Well, here’s the promised video: