Fifth generation KIA Sportage — all secrets of an updated car are disclosed

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Nicknamed no breath and not embelling reality, we declare — we have a real masterpiece of the modern world car industry. Fully updated Kia Sportage does not just inspire and charm. The model is the best designer work of recent times and she has a great future!

Let’s look at NQ5 more intently. The first thing that rushes into the eye is the maximum compliance with all the canons and standards inherent in the crossovers segment. Nevertheless, a confident step into the future is made. And such a translational movement is expressed in:

sharpness and expressiveness of the faces;

surface calibises;

spectacular emotionality;

clean and relief.

All this gives the updated crossover KIA Sportage special dynamics and confidence.

But it is only outside. See what designers and designers managed to «create» in the car. If briefly, a special inspirational space is formed here in which a spectacular modern style is ideally combined with advanced technologies.

Add a little digit


The «short» kia will mostly be supplied to Europe, and the elongated version of the Korean will first appear in America and China, and a little later, most likely in Russia.

It is important to note that the elongated KIA Sportage 5 generation has become larger, solid. Transformed and the proportions of the body. In the exterior, the presence of additional luggage windows in the rear racks of the roof is striking. The front glasses are complemented by small fixed triangles of glass. And another otherwise, the housing of the Mirrors began to be attached.

As a result of updating:

The wheelbase is increased by 85 mm;

«The car has become longer at once at 17.5 cm (for example, the last model of the Sorento is only 15 cm!).

The interior of the car is striking! Even the most sophisticated car owners freeze in admiration. Considering the salon, dashboard, appreciating the quality of the finish and spectacular style!

This will look like the interior of the top version of Kia Sportage. Basic equipment, of course, simpler. But here everything is very stylish, beautiful and elegant!

OVER options are several. Koreans are traditionally not stored on various configuration of the car. You can buy a new Sportage with 1.6 gasoline turbocharging (180l.s.) or 2.0 liters of Turbodiesel! Transmission:

6-speed «mechanics»,

7-speed robot;

8-speed «automatic».

To go will be on what!

Traditionally, the popular Kia will localize. Therefore, it will not get to us no earlier than the next year.