Final gasoline car race.


The heavy duty car is designed by the Mercedes-AMG sports unit. The car issues 843 «horses» and accelerates to «hundreds» in less than 3 seconds!

A reasonable question: why do you need such a car with a global trend providing for the refusal of internal combustion engines in favor of power plants working on environmentally friendly fuel? Let’s see what I wanted to say the framework engineers-designers-constructors of the autocontringe, releaseing a hybrid fastbeck GT 63 S E Performance with a power plant consisting of two motors.

Taking into account the stated high-speed characteristics and power, the super hybrid can be safely put in one row with such «bison» of the world car industry as BMW M5 CS.

A new manufacturer presented on a special presentation held on September 9. The car caused great interest among a wide range of specialists, and for ordinary motorists, this is another opportunity to see heavy-duty cars at the final stage of the car’s development with the engine.

AMG division activities make it possible to say with relief: autoconecern is in a hurry to completely abandon internal combustion engines and move 100% pure energy. The main concentration of engineers’ efforts is the use of hybrid technologies. Here huge help has a vast experience gained in the course of improving models of modern formula 1.

The result of such integration is the release of a super hybrid based on the GT electionback with an index 63 and the E Performance prefix (it indicates the presence of an electrified power plant).

Heavy duty «driving force»

The silo unit is a complex consisting of a 4.0 liter Biturbomotor M177 V8, supplemented with a special electrical superstructure. It is made in the form of a starter generator capable of adding 14 «overclocking» hp A separate unit is placed on the rear axle and consists of the following nodes:

electric motor designed for 204 hp;

two-stage gearbox (second transmission turns on automatically after reaching the speed of 140 km / h);

Differential of increased friction operated by an electronic system.

Specially designed for models of this lineup of cars, the car battery is located just above the rear axle. The unit weighs only 89 kg (which is not so much) and has its own liquid cooling system. The 400V voltage is provided, while the battery capacity is only 6.1 kWh. In the design of the battery, the technologies borrowed from formula 1 are laid. The main feature of the node is aimed at the fastest return and energy intake. Surprisingly, with such high technical and technological parameters of the battery, you can replenish the charge using an ordinary socket (a special connector is in the rear bumper).

Improvered results

The GT 63 S E Performance super hybrid equipped with such a power hybrid shows the highest high-speed indicators:

acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h — only 2.9 s;

acceleration up to 200 km / h — less than 10 s;

The maximum speed is limited by an indicator of 316 km.

It is possible to drive to the fastbeck using the battery alone. True, the stroke stock in this case is not more than 12 km? Just to get to the nearest gas station.

Already in the basic configuration, the super hybrid is equipped with more than worthy. The user is available to a pneumatic suspension with adaptive shock absorbers, as well as the best carbon-ceramic brakes at this stage of development. Includes stylish 20-inch alloy wheels, and 21-inch can be installed for an additional fee. Driving a car using a ride mode selection system is a pleasure. Moreover, such modes are 17: from only electrical to high-speed RACE intended for track racing.

In the car GT 63 S E Performance of innovations compared to the source model, a bit. All changes are reduced to integration into the machine control system, a new button (placed on the steering wheel) that performs the function of switching the motion modes.

There are also new keys to adjust the recovery intensity and choose one of the four suitable driving modes. In addition, an additional section is enabled to the MBUX system. Here, in online mode, you can see the animation of the movement of energy flows — fascinating picture!

If information about the technical and high-speed characteristics of the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance is confirmed, it will mean that we have the most powerful and most speed four-door serial car equipped with a gasoline engine.

But what about the electrical part of the car, here the novelty clearly does not reach the «grandmaster» indicators of such Grande, like 761-strong Porsche Taycan Turbo s

Or the fastest today

This model is equipped with three electric motors that develop power in 1034 hp. And it is capable of accelerating up to 100 km / h in 2.1 seconds.

Non-obvious value

The release of the highest possible and powerful Mercedes-AMG can be a sign phenomenon for the entire automotive industry. First of all, this refers to cars equipped with internal combustion engine. To withstand rivalry with aggressively advancing electrocars with gasoline and diesel samples require advanced technologies, complex and very expensive. But they will help to compete on an equal footing. No less important is the high power of the vehicle.

But there is in all the above and positive moment. In fact, the situation for cars with internal combustion engines does not yet look so threatening. Loss cars on the electric move is fixed only by one indicator — overclocking speaker. For all other parameters, gasoline machines are easily ahead of their direct competitors on the electric go.

Well, the struggle for leadership continues. And this means that we are waiting for new technological solutions, spectacular breakthroughs, introducing innovative developments, etc.