Five KAMAZ «compasses» will be closed with all small and medium-room

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

The largest manufacturer of trucks in the post-Soviet space autohygoant on Kame, in addition to the output to the new generation market

Recall, for the first time about the project «Compass», the information was leaked back in 2019. But these were miser lines, and there was little long enough about the project. But today we can tell in detail about the five classes of the KAMAZ «Compass». True, during the trip the premiere of Mishoustina to Naberezhnye Chelny in June, he was alive showed only one promising car. Our channel has more or less complete information about the new promising small and medium-tuning family of Kamsky cars.

Immediately the question arises, and why KAMAZ goes to this segment of the market of trucks?

It turns out that the new family of cars «Compass» will challenge the current players, which today quite tightly settled here. And compete new Russian medium-room and commercial LCV will be not only with the products of Gorky and Ulyanovsk Automobiles: «Valda», «lawn», «cornet», but even with «gazelles». As well as with numerous foreign automakers trucks, such as Chinese Foton, Jac, Korean Hyundai. New «compasses» will be able to even eat at the share of the Japanese ISUZU, Fuso, Hino market. But while this is only an application. Real competitive struggle ahead.

The «Compass» project, as it turned out, is quite large, since in fact the new KAMAZ family consists of five models of different lifting capacity. If at the beginning of the year it was known that the production of two families of medium-digit bad car bent —

The youngest


Unfortunately, there is absolutely no data on the Commas-7 family. In its regard, you can only guess what will fight in a market niche car class with a total weight of 7000-7500 kg.

But unlike the seventh family, almost everything is known about trucks.


On KAMAZ-43089-F5, the Cummins ISF3.8 turbodiesel will be installed with a total weight of Cummins ISF3.8 with a capacity of 154 hp, aggregated with a 6-speed manual transmission JAC LC6T540B.

On the KAMAZ-43089-H5 total weight of 7990 kg, a more powerful Diesel Cummins ISF3.8 will be installed, which develops 168 hp, aggregated with the Chinese FastGear 6DS60T mechanical box.

These cars will be produced in three versions of the wheelbase (3365, 3845, 4475 mm). Length from 6130 to 7980 mm, width (by body) — 2275 mm, height — 2305 mm.

But on the oldest

Both modifications are calculated on the full mass of 11.990 kg. Overall dimensions are as follows: Length from 7100 to 8900 mm; Width (on the body) — 2440 mm; Height — 2425 mm.

Senior KAMAZ-43082-5K will be equipped with a Cummins ISF4.5 turbodiesel, with a capacity of 210 hp, aggregated with a 6-speed mechanical FASTGEAR C6J76T.

In turn, the aggregate base of KAMAZ-43082-H5 — Cummins ISF3.8 (168 hp) and the 6-speed FASTGEAR 6DS60T. Pendants and brake system in two families are the same.

Agree, a pretty machine turned out, a special charm gives the front cabin front panel, which is made in a single style of the newest generation KAMAZ K5. True, the cabin will be from the Chinese JAC. It turns out that in our Russian Federation there will soon be a line of trucks from the youngest LCV class to a heavy tractor and career dump truck and all of them will be like leading automakers, decorated in recognizable KAMAZ style.