Flagship International Brand — Lada Niva will appear very soon

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Wait, of course, is still long enough — a whole 3 years. But the first details and even spy photos about the car Lada Niva 2024 have already appeared in different sources.

What do the developers of the car, who should become leading in a rather extensive line of new cars of the Russian brand? The users will be offered a new Niva, decorated in retro-style. The classic car will be harvested on a new platform and equip reliable and unpretentious motors (likely a domestic 1.8 l and a localized H4M volume of 1.6 liters).

Earlier, the manufacturer promised to please the fans of domestic SUVs with a new car next year. But, unfortunately, the presentation of the innovative model was postponed. It was originally information that the Niva in the third generation would be very similar (conceptually) at 4×4 Vision, which only in 2018 made his debut at the Moscow Motor Show.

But recently it turned out that the approved design of the new «Niva» does not exist.

This was stated by the Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing AvtoVAZ Olivier Morne during the opening of the Dealer Center in Novosibirsk on May 20, S.G.

He confirmed that in the next four years, Lada will release four new models, including Niva next generation. However, the pictures of this machine do not fit on the Internet do not correspond to reality.

«Lada Niva 2024 design project currently does not exist!» — Provides the words of the top manager. Local site.

Morne joked that at the weekly meetings of the Board of the Company «very often» presentations «of new Lada models found on the Internet».

«And all the members of the Board are surprised to show new brand models, which in the real world does not exist. Craftsmanship with the help of Photoshop creates the fruits of their fantasies and post them on the Internet. But these are just the fruits of their fantasies,» the executive vice president of AvtoVAZ stated.

What will change

As the developers assure, nothing in common with Vision will not have a new Lada. But it will not prevent a lot in the interior and exterior with Niva Legend.

But here is the assembly of a car on a completely new platform — this is, of course, a breakthrough! It is a pity that this platform is the development of foreign auto-accompanies. «Trolley» from Renault, of course, more modern and technological. But is it seated with a system of full drive classic Niva?

Jean-Philippe Salar shared his visions of the flagship model, from recent times the main designer of the car giant. The specialist said that special attention will be paid to the introduction of a turbo car and a two-winning transmission. And also — the interior that is created in the style of Tesla.

Details about the planned «pile» of all sorts of options is still small. Information keeps in a strict mystery. But as the date of the presentation approaches the date, we, of course, learn all the secrets of designers.

True, you will have to wait three years!