Foggy perspectives in Lada Niva Travel


Undoubtedly, this car can be considered a «successful solution». The reason for at least the fact is that the interest among the user audience has a novelty caused incredible. Some motorists rushed to scold the car, seeing only one mines in the updated model. Others, on the contrary, rated positive changes, noted the dynamics of brand development and, at the same time, the growth of user demand. And indeed, despite criticism, buy Niva Travel makes a solution more and more car owners. Especially those who often leave for the city, changing the solid asphalt concrete on the ground coating and explicit off-road.

Opinion of professionals

Experts believe that Lada Niva Travel has both obvious advantages and obvious disadvantages. An important plus of this brand is affordable (compared to competitors) Price. And also — simplicity of service, cheap repair and the possibility of many operations in the framework of it yourself.

But if you «critically» look at the construction of a car, then you can see the similarity from a long time and deeply obsolete modifications of the classical «Niva». Unfortunately, this car (despite the change of whole generations of people) has retained many nodes and aggregates previously used in the first models of the long-gone «Zhiguli». Of course, the price of Niva Travel the price is relatively low, but I want to ride a car, which uses popular technical and technological innovations.

Strong side — old engine!?

The engine compartment of the Niva Travel SUV is slightly more compared to previous models. But accessory nodes and parts located in the subcontrol space did not become. However, the lack of a decorative COF cover provides easy access to the power unit. Massive Motor itself can be said, monumental. Access to all major elements Good, oil check easy, replace candles — easier than simple!

And all the drain and fuel plugs are located in good accessibility, so even the driver with a small practical experience can easily cope with the simplest work.

All this is good. But, on the other hand, the simplified design of the «visual» motor can hardly be somehow upgraded. Redo the motor practically does not make sense, it’s time to look for a decent replacement!

Still: Strong and weaknesses

Those who liked the car, feel free to say that Lada Niva Updated, manufactured by Travel is a great car. You can safely move around the city streets, and no less confident feel on off-road.

The new Lada Niva Travel is still the same power, strength and confidence. But now — in modern appearance!

Well, the skeptics will say: an outdated car, and our auto industry is nothing new, except for the body of a bunch of more or less decent forms, can not think of anything.

Who is right? And what is your opinion about this ambiguous, but very pretty SUV Niva Travel?