Foreign cars in Europe.

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Today for us has become the usual word «foreign car». But for motorists of the old world and North America, this word is somewhat not familiar. They, for several decades, live in the context of globalization are not too much to share cars on «their» and «strangers».

The beginning of this process was found in the distant 70s of the last century. Then,

The conquest of the European Union markets began a little later, already in the 80s of the last century. The first to «put» Japanese automakers.


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Japanese companies quickly realized that in these post-socialist countries a high qualification of employees, a salary lower than in Western European countries, local markets were characterized by low automotive, and most importantly, this is duty-free trade. The car produced in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary is not subject to customs duties and harvest when importing into the «old» Europe.

Pioneer became

Following Japanese autocontracens in Europe, the expansion of Korean automakers began in Europe.

That influx happened to Europe. But here there was not yet Chinese expansion, and apparently she is still ahead. After all, the market of united Europe, along with Chinese and American, is the most capacious and monetary.

We will not deepen into the prospects, all the equal exact forecast is difficult, and sometimes it is impossible. Let’s look better for the current alignment of brands on the car market of the old world and we will see who here from their and strangers have what positions.

Today, data on the first quarter of the car market of Europe, which is counted not only by the countries of the European Union, but also Norway, Iceland, that is, the country of non-EU, but geographically and mentally close united Europe, including the United Kingdom, after Brexita.

As usual, the first string in the European market is consistently for several decades. Cars of German

And then it is quite interesting. Japanese «Varyag»

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In principle, we know the reason for the failure of Renault. This is the presence of only one «strong» model —

Strongly passed such brands as

And here is the two Korean aliens, laying out at 13 and 14 places. They overtook the original European brands -. IPIS

From the foreign cars in the 18th place we note the Japanese Nissan. The tile with Toyota is colossal. But in the first 20-ke we did not see Suzuki, nor Honda had their own companies. Did not hit the top rating and other Japanese — Mazda,