From August 22, inspection is significantly simplified.

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Our compatriots are accustomed to the fact that any «good intention» authorities end in price, tariffs, taxes, etc. Here is the news that now (after 22.08 2021) for the conclusion of the AUTRITANDAKA agreement does not need to receive a diagnostic card caused alertness from the multi-million car owner army.

Of course, lovers of a cheap piano and sensational revelations immediately spoke about inevitable tariff growth. Nevertheless, the decision is made and enters into legal force.

What are the «specialists» refer to those who doubt the correctness of the decision made? First of all, some experts declare substantial risks associated with the emergence of machines in the roads in poor technical condition. Of course, insurance companies may wish to insure themselves from possible additional costs by increasing the cost of the CTP. How likely such assumptions are? In the situation, journalists of the popular publication «driving» were sought. And to obtain reliable information, they turned to insurers.

One of the first to be attributed to changes in the procedure for passing inspection in the Russian Federation, director of the Department of Insurance Company «Consent» P. Nefedov. The specialist is confident that the mass appearance of authlama on the road is not expected, respectively, the cost of insurance will remain unchanged. Adjustment is possible only within the compensation for inflationary processes.

Nefedov notes: «The tariff for OSAGO for each motorist is calculated individually. The main factor in determining the cost of insurance is the quality and safety of driving. Consequently, for the most insured such factor, as the passage of vehicle inspection is not determining. «

It will be interesting to look at the statistics of the Russian Union of Insurers. The organization cites the data indicating to the minimum component of accidents associated with the unsatisfactory technical condition of the vehicle. The share of such events does not exceed 0.1% of the total incident.

According to Neferov, it would be worth considering the issue of encouraging those clients who, when making the policy and the calculation of the price, will provide a diagnostic card. It is indicated that such a solution is a motorist can be made independently, exclusively on voluntary principles.

But you should not relax the owners of the vehicle. It is likely that the insurance companies will begin to actively use their right to present special requirements for traffic accidents. This may happen if at the time of the insured event, the diagnostic card will be overdue, as well as if it is proved that the cause of the accident was the malfunction of the vehicle.

An opinion was also expressed by one of the leaders of Renaissance Insurance, managing the director of the Department of Automobile Insurance S. Demidov. He is confident that the «busty» then from CCAMAGO, almost nothing will affect the growth of accidents, therefore — the tariffs will remain unchanged.

Demidov notes that «and before the abolition of the inspection binding to the OSAGO, not all car owners regularly and according to the rules passed, even less often — to eliminate the identified malfunctions. But the most law-abiding citizens (and such a lot) even after the cancellation of the norm will continue to regularly go through. Moreover, they perfectly understand the consequences of possible regression by insurers. «

What is the probability of growth in tariffs on the CCAMA (CASCO)?

Experts of the RGS Bank of Marketplayers # bankavto, specializing in auto insurance, expressed his argued opinion. In the published analyst, it is noted that the technical inspection of cars has long been a formality. One of the reasons for this is a sharp increase in the share of fake diagnostic cards. It is worth thinking that the Ministry of Internal Affairs do not know about the current situation. After all, this department proposed a cardinal solution — a significant simplification of the verification process (for example, a refusal of expensive measurement of the toxicity of exhaust gases and noise level).

BankAVTO experts give their forecast towards increasing tariffs, but make a small remark (everything will show time).

Of course, there is no reason to include cars without inspection in a higher risk group. Nevertheless, the unsatisfactory technical condition of the car is always increased risks. Both for the car owner itself and for other road users. It is likely that insurance companies, trying to level possible losses, will calculate the cost with elevated coefficients.

What’s next?

It is quite obvious: the question is not fully worked out. And this means that in the near future (from 01/01/2022, from 01.03 2022, etc.) other related decisions will be accepted. Our advice is to keep the «hand on the pulse» and follow the news, including on our channel!