From winter to summer, or when to change rubber?

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

From year to year, with the onset of warm spring days, motorists are interested in the same question: is it time to change winter tires? And when is it better to do to ensure the safety of riding and save the spikes on the new winter season?

When it is customary to change rubber

The transition from spring by the summer — traditionally «hot» time for car services and tire workshops. But this question should be worried by car owners. It is important to identify the date as you can accurately and sign up for the tire on the tire (better than pre-). This will avoid long-term waiting in queues.

The generally accepted deadlines for the replacement of winter tires are, in principle, most experienced motorists are known. Experts have long defined the «border» temperature point, after which the replacement of winter rubber is necessary for summer spring (and on the contrary, in the fall). This is an average daily rate of + 6ºС. As a rule, by this time the snow on the streets is no longer there, and the asphalt is more or less warmed, which provides a systematic drainage of appearing periodically pudders.

Norms of legislation

Of course, the replacement of winter rubber on the summer in different regions of our huge country is happening at different times. Therefore, the replacement of winter rubber by law does not begin on the same day. In each region, the traffic police voiced its dates, and the task of motorists is to meet the appointed date.

But for a long time to postpone the «reobey» is also not worth it. On the territory of the country (as well as the states included in the Customs Union) there are technical regulations. In paragraph 5.5. This document is written in black on white: «In the period from June 1 to August 31, the operation of cars equipped with studded rubber is prohibited»! The violation can entail both the imposition of a fine and the forced withdrawal of the car with a staging.

However, local authorities (first of all, the southern regions of the country) have the authority to shift the specified deadlines towards the decrease. An additional ban on «riding» is usually introduced in spring and autumn, from March to November. At the same time, the authorities of the Murmansk, Arkhangelsk region, the Komi Republic, for example, as well as other northern regions of the country, can extend the timing of the use of spikes on its territory.

And last: there is no economy from riding spikes in the summer, on the contrary, increased fuel consumption, reduction of high-speed capabilities, maneuverance deterioration guaranteed! And also — wear of winter tires, which are quite expensive.

So change the winter tires not only by law, but also by the mind!

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