Gates has long been known as an international manufacturer of hydraulic and mechanical power transmission systems


The company’s products are represented in 128 countries of North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, China, East Asia and India.

Gates works in many areas of industrial and consumer markets. The company’s products are indispensable in various sectors of the economy: in agriculture, construction, industrial production and energy. It can be found in household appliances — printers, washing machines, automatic doors, vacuum cleaners. The company equips on its products almost all types of transport.

About the latest industry and will be discussed.

Most recently, Gates brought to the market after-sales service of hybrid engines a new premium brand drive belts E-START. He came to replace the EMD brand (Electro-Mechanical Drive — a system of an electromechanical drive from Gates).

E-START products are used when repairing hybrid cars equipped with starter-driven generators.

Developers believe that the name E-START will play a special role

It will form a durable association of belts and remklects of Gates with the process of repair and maintenance of hybrid engines. In addition, the E-Start brand will help distributors and auto mechanics to correctly identify the necessary belts, tensioners and repair kits for a specific hybrid model.

In the market, E-Start Micro-V and Remkompleks for them will be presented at the same time with E-Start.

Gates cooperates with the main manufacturers of hybrid cars. Together they conduct scientific and technical studies aimed at reducing fuel consumption and, as a result, to reduce motor emissions. Starters-generators with belt drive not only provide a restart of the engine, but also perform a braking energy recovery, rechargeable battery. E-START products increase the efficiency of generator starters and makes the start-stop system one of the most high-speed and silent among the existing analogues.

In the new line of production E-STARTs will be presented belts in the amount of 29 pcs. In the catalog of spare parts for the electromechanical drive, the Micro-V Stop & Start belts will be replaced with E-Start Micro-V belts.

Starters-generators with belt drive require a stronger working tension than standard belt drive systems, therefore E-START products use special rubber compounds and aramid cords, which are much stronger than the component of the MICRO-V standard belts.

Gates will also introduce the E-Start Micro-V repair kit in the amount of 12 pcs. Such Remkomplekt includes E-Start belts for specific applications and the corresponding E-START tensioners necessary for the overhaul of the drive systems.

The new packaging design will help to distinguish the products of the E-Start line from the standard Micro-V products.