GBC for commercial technology: for quality I answer the name

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

The choice of spare parts for the repair of engines of commercial equipment is incredibly responsible. After all, every hour of idle commercial transport is not only the cost of repair, but also torn delivery time, and potentially spoiled products, and unexpected difficulties with logistics. And in the end — not only financial, but also reputational losses. That’s why

Each of our heads of the cylinder block is manufactured with the same thoroughness as the GBC, which are supplied to the conveyor manufacturers of equipment. Our company is a certified OEM supplier, and for us it is not only pride, but also responsibility. In our factory in the city of Nosez (Spain), the details are held a full life cycle, ranging from the development in its own design bureau. Then it is necessary to manufacture forms for casting using advanced 3D printing technologies and its own foundry. And finally, a scrupulous quality check using a laser scan of ultra-high accuracy.

After all tool checks, each of the details produced personally examines one of our quality experts, and only after that the quality certificate is printed, and the item is packaged. A special QR code applied with a laser allows you to fully track the entire process of producing each component.

Our design department is constantly working on improving the components that we make. New alloys are being developed, geometry and layout of parts are improved: all for the sake of improved quality and increase service life.

All this allows us to guarantee the highest quality, so we provide a guarantee for spare parts for heavy vehicles for a period of one year. Without mileage limit.

The AMC catalog for heavy equipment has more than 70 articles for brands such as MAN, Mercedes-Benz, MTU and IVECO.

When choosing AMC products, you get the quality of the conveyor parts for which we are responsible for the name: No wonder AMC is decrypted as Amadeo Marti Carbonell (this is what the company’s founder calls).