Goodbye, Octavia.

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

The ban on six months of sales of Czech cars from our neighbors in the Republic of Belarus. There, west of Smolensk decided to suspend the sale of Skoda Auto, Liqui Moly and Beiersdorf. As stated «In order to ensure the protection of national interests, taking into account unfriendly actions against the Belarusian people.»

Our «goodbye», derived in the title concerns somewhat different. Explain. All these years, the main car of the Czech brand in Russia was

See, according to the Association of European Businesses (AEB), the bestseller in the Russian market became compact l

And Liftbek did not enter the top 25 of the Russian market, prepared by AEB. And this is a sensation, since we are accustomed that the OCTAVIA bestseller of the Czech brand and, in addition, the leader


As for Skoda Octavia, it can catch a lag, because from April the model in the Russian market will increase the proposal. Now Skoda Octavia, which was previously offered with a 1.4 TSI / 150 hp engine, will be available with the youngest basic engine 1.6 MPI / 110 hp and more powerful 2.0 TSI / 190 hp

Imagine, one of the authors of our channel 10 years ago managed to get to the meeting of dealers, which was held in one of the federal districts. Do you know what question then Vital from dealers? We have nothing to sell: Fabia and Octavia models are not enough to compete in the market with stronger stamps. Then the representative of the Moscow office of the brand consoled the dealers: «Be patient, work on the expansion of the model range goes.»

Since then, the Skoda model range has changed much. First, the mass model was localized specifically for Russia

But the most important thing is that Skoda AUTO «caught» the trend on the development of the line of crossovers — car class SUV. First appeared

But the saddest thing is that Russia has not yet been presented in Russia and the full line of the Czech brand crossovers is not for sale. We have no European model

No younger crossover

As you can see, the Moscow office of the Czech company conducts a very careful and weighted policy on the withdrawal of models.

Nevertheless, today the crossover line in the release of the Czech automaker takes 40%. And recently, from the conveyor of the main plant ŠKODA AUTO in Mlada Boleslav

This is how two million Skoda cars are represented in the SUV class in numbers:

Table. Number of released cars SUV brand Skoda

Funny, but the firstborn of the brand in the class SUV crossover Skoda Yeti already shot from production, while it is the most massive. And in second place the most senior crossover Kodiaq. This is due to the fact that he appeared earlier than the younger models.

We have in Russia while two Local Assembly crossover are presented — the Kodiaq and KaroQ model. Their production is conducted on a contract basis at the capacity of the Gorky Automobile Plan.