Google officially unveils Android 12: the largest redesign in history


After several previews that Google has released to developers over the past few months, Android 12 is now in beta. The first beta of the new mobile OS was launched on Tuesday, May 18, following the end of the main Google I / O 2021 presentation.

Android 12 received the largest redesign in Google’s history, based on the company’s new approach to design called Material You. This name was chosen for a reason, because one of the main features of the new version of Android is to personalize the user interface. You simply select a wallpaper for your desktop and the system automatically detects which colors prevail in this image, which shades complement each other, and then applies these colors to the entire interface — matching harmonious shades for notifications, lock screen, widgets and so on.

Also in Android 12, you will notice the smoothness of all actions and animations. And thanks to the internal improvements, the OS has become less CPU-intensive. Thanks to this, device performance has increased by 22% compared to Android 11, and energy efficiency has increased by 15%. Google developers also worked on improving privacy. So, now the new OS has the ability to share with applications not the exact geolocation, but the approximate location.

In addition, Android 12 has improved accessibility for users with low vision, support for scrolling screenshots, for taking long screenshots, and new widgets.