GROUPAUTO ACADEMY RUSSIA — A new stream of online course «Forsyt Master Consultant»


The GROUPAUTO Academy is a training center created by GROUPAUTO Russia in 2018 in order to improve the qualifications of employees and managers in the provision of car service services.

After three years, it can be said that the creation of a training center was a very timely step. The one hundred market is becoming more competitive every year, and to grow and earn, managers need to be engaged not only by their own development, but also by training their staff.

In early 2020, the epidemiological situation forced to look for new ways of work and actively move to distance learning — the Academy was ready for this. In mid-2019, a training portal was launched, where car service staff can receive new knowledge and check them by passing testing. Convenient and high-quality training attracts attention — in 2020, only in the workshops with manufacturers of auto parts — more than 4,700 specialists took part in participation.

In addition to Workshops with manufacturers, the Academy develops its own projects.

At the moment, the second stream of the online course «Forsayt Master Consultant» was completed — the most important event of the beginning of 2021 in the training of specialists of the service station. This course was created as a logical continuation of the first Forsight MK flow, which took place at the end of 2020. The second stream of «Forsight MK» was finalized and supplemented: 30 lessons instead of 20, 7 teaching blocks instead of 5.

In the second stream of the online course, 98 participants took part, and, according to the rules, only the strongest 40 participants reached the end: the online course assumed the fulfillment of homework and active participation in its own development.

For 8 weeks, participants listened to 30 online webinars, consisting of 55 hours of live learning.

Masters have passed a holistic course compiled by coaches from such important to the wizard of blocks as: sales and processes on the service, conflictology and telephone communications skills, studied planning and customer focus, and also familiarized themselves with some legal aspects in the work. The whole learning process was recorded in the working notebook, and, most importantly, the masters solved practical tasks and received, in the dry residue, tools and skills for efficient work.

The main feature of the online course is working with a mentor. It is built through GetCourse — the system of controlling results and homework, allowing the coaches to record all changes and correctly evaluate the results of the work.

As a result, three masters of consultants who launched on testing and certification more than all points received special prizes: airpods headphones, Apple Watch 6 and iPhone 12 Pro Max mobile phone.

The winner was the flap Anton, who took the main prize — the mobile phone IPhone 12 Pro Max.


In fact, the victory won all those masters who reached the end. This is a victory over yourself, this is a work in difficult conditions, this is obtaining skills and instant use of them in practice.

The following stream of online course foresight is not far off. Follow the news!

We invite you to explore the updated site of the Academy, where every specialist will be able to choose an optimal learning program. Educational programs are created by the Academy specialists in such a way as to ensure a permanent increase in the skills of employees of a hundred.

For more information about the activities of the Academy, see Instagram Account @Academy_GroupAuto