Haval closes with Hyundai and Kia in Russia.

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Today, Chinese Haval and Korean Hyundai and Kia are in the Russian Federation in different weight categories. Compare, last year in Russia 103,984 brand crossover was sold

About the rapid growth of sales of Chinese cars in Russia today did not write anything that the most lazy media edition. In the environment of motorists, all these joyful and, consider, only fierce disputes cause victory reports on market successes of cars. Nevertheless, success is obvious — three-digit figures of growth are evident. Our channel decided to go further and look into the strategic plans for the development of the Russian automotive market with companies in the companies of the PRC. And we found very verified plans that do not allow to doubt that they can be completed.

In 2019-2020 Haval has already become one of the fastest growing brands of the Russian market, and this year the company plans to double, compared with 2020 sales in the Russian market

Of course, other Chinese automakers demonstrate good results, it suggests that the perception of Chinese cars has changed seriously in Russia.

So attention. The most important statement.

Our vision of the brand HAVAL is to be # 1 in the SUV family in 2025, this is a vision that supports our long-term strategy. To speak briefly, our plan is to implement 100 thousand cars, which will be 5% of the market share in 2025 in the Russian Federation.

This is how the head of the Chinese brand in Russia said without obsteady. Thus, given last year’s sales level, Haval is necessary

The second conclusion and a look at the Russian market.

The pressing of this is optimistic in terms of the perspectives of the Russian market. He stated: «If you look at the number of cars for a thousand people in the Russian Federation, the numbers are obvious. No one can say when this happens, after five to ten or fifteen or twenty years, no one knows. But we are not here for five years, we have the possibility of production to 100 thousand cars by 2025, and we will not stop at this. «

Indeed, motorization in the Russian Federation is still low, no more than 300 cars per 1000 inhabitants. Therefore, the potential of the Russian market is huge. He will have to conquer the numbers 350 cars in the coming years, 400 cars, 450 cars and even 500 cars per 1000 inhabitants. The Chinese want to help and count on growth.

What else does the top manager say?

The Russian market is recognized for

In addition, we have a strong grocery plan.

The first phase of the development of the plant, which is 80 thousand cars per year with the possibility of expansion to 150 thousand.

Let’s look at how the Korean brands behave, what they do now and what they plan to invest. We see that their capabilities are fully implemented, and we are confident that we are going on the right path. So briefly about the plans of the brand HAVAL told the train of this.

Will Haval Russian?

Today, the localization of the produced cars in the Russian Federation is calculated in points, and not in percent, as before. In memory of many, the numbers are not yet forgotten that Hyundai Solaris is localized by 47%, but Lada Vesta is 71%. In the new agreements between the automaker and the Ministry of Industry and Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the branch of the industry is prescribed by the industry.

I noted by Zherego: «Our bestseller in Russia — the Haval F7 crossover — already now has more than 1.1 thousand points. Haval F7 and F7X are produced on the production line of the full cycle, while H9 is on the second conveyor and now it really has a little less than 1 thousand points. But we are working on it. «

He continued, we have a whole team that is engaged in constant search and confirmation of suppliers, after which it proceeds to the process of obtaining these points. We have different directions by which we work to increase localization are, for example, electronics, fuel tanks, seat belts.

In November 2020, we laid the first stone

To begin with, we need to localize the parts of the car, then we turn to the engine and then to the gearbox, which is included in the vehicle installation complex.

When will the «killer» Creta

Today, the Chinese automaker made another step towards — soon the Russian market will be released.

But certainly a breakthrough for Haval be perfect, if the Chinese brand will bring to the Russian market Hyundai Creta competitor is known to Koreans of this popular model immediately kill «a few birds with one stone.» Recall that in this class was the Chinese model Haval H2, but recently they have removed it from their lineup, introduced in the Russian Federation. Jerome this in the interview referred to the compact crossover. He said: «In the next few months will be presented a brand new car, the car segment B-SUV or a compact crossover, it will provide large volumes.» It turns out that a compact SUV B in the class will be able to provide a breakthrough Chinese brand.

Well, in general, we had an intrigue: Will the plans are embodied and whether the brand will be the first, pushing Korean brands. Let’s see.