Honor: we are focused on smartphones and will not make cars


At the end of last year, the Chinese company Huawei sold its successful sub-brand Honor to protect it from the impact of US sanctions. After independence, Honor began rebuilding relationships with key partners and suppliers. The brand has high hopes for the mobile market and plans to become one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world alongside Apple and Xiaomi, overtaking its parent company. But Honor does not support the popular trend of smartphone manufacturers to enter the automotive market. The company’s CEO Zhao Ming stated this during his speech at Shanghai Jiaotong University.

The head of Honor said that his company will focus on the production of smartphones and has no plans to work on cars, at least not any time soon. He reiterated that Honor is set to become the number one smartphone brand in China and around the world. Smartphones will remain the main products in the brand’s assortment, but in addition to them, the brand is going to produce laptops, smart displays for the home, tablets, wearable devices, headphones, routers and other electronic gadgets. Zhao Ming said that now young people use smartphones for more than 6 hours a day, which indicates the importance of such devices for modern users, and therefore for the brand itself.

Zhao Ming stressed that cars, augmented reality technologies and many other developments will soon become more popular, but smartphones are still indispensable devices. He added that his company remains customer-focused and will continue to innovate in the mobile industry and maintain relationships with universities and research institutions.