How did Russia grow to the German motor

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

The backlog of Russia in various areas is always perceived as a negative factor. But sometimes, the will of destinies, such a lag has more positive consequences. It is such a precedent that happens before our eyes. The emergence of information that in the Russian Federation, another motor-building production appears belongs to this case.

The fact is that recently in early June, a memorandum was signed at the last St. Petersburg Economic Forum

Thus, in fact, the production of the first gasoline turbum tracer for cars from a foreign automaker will be mastered in the country.

And now we will transfer everything to a simple and affordable Russian language to understand what will happen. The fact is that today the turbocharging 1.4 TSI is supplied to the concern’s Russian automobile plants from Europe, or rather from

These motors are put on seven manufactured models — on Volkswagen Polo, Taos and Tiguan, as well as Škoda Rapid, Octavia, Karoq and Kodiaq. At the same time, in the EU itself, Volkswagen begins to actively abandon this engine, replacing it with a 1.5 TSI unit. Therefore, to the start of production in Russia in Russia, after three years, the release of 1.4 TSI engines in Europe is likely to be minimized.

But in this case, it is pleased that the EA211 line, the production of motor motors tolerate to us, for a number of technical characteristics and reliability better than 1.5 TSI EA211-EVO with the so-called Miller cycle. Actually, this EVO series appeared solely due to tightening the requirements of ecology.

Today in Czech Mlada Boleslav at the head manufacturing enterprise ŠKODA AUTO, the EA211 engine family is issued since 2012. This family consists of three- and four-cylinder engines with an aluminum cylinder block. Engines have a working volume from 1.0 to 1.6 liters. The line of four-cylinder power plants EA211 consists of 1.4 TSI engines with a capacity of 128 hp and 150 hp, as well as 1.6 MPI motors, developing 90 and 110 hp These engines are installed in Volkswagen Group cars produced worldwide. To date, EA211 strengths are used in twelve models of three different brands of the concern: ŠKODA, Volkswagen and Spanish Seat.

Now a little more about the German project on Russian soil. As you know, Volkswagen has

In 2020, such 111,500 engines were produced at Volkswagen Group Rus in Kaluga, and 18,700 of them were exported to production sites around the world, including Poland, Spain and Mexico. Exports of engine components are adjusted to the Czech Republic, at the ŠKODA plant in Mlada Boleslav.

The highest volume of production was achieved in the dock for 2018. At the Kaluga factory, 161 thousand motors were produced, 44 thousand engines were delivered to export.

Motor EA211 1.6 MPI has a high degree of localization.

The billets of the cylinder block and the head of the cylinder block for engines come to Kaluga from the Ulyanovsk plant of Nemak, which produces details from Russian aluminum. The electrical wiring for power units is supplied by Fujikura Automotive from its production in Cheboksary. Crankshaft blanks come from Kamaz, etc. Equipment installed on production in Kaluga guarantees the accuracy of the processing of parts up to 1 micron (0.001 mm), and the accuracy of the processing of cylinders is 6 microns (0.006 mm). Details are analyzed by the most critical parameters directly in production using sensors installed in industrial equipment.

Recently, a 700-thousand EA211 1.6 MPI engine descended from the Volkswagen Group motor plant in Kaluga Grabsevo.