How do astronauts having fun?


We recently got the following question:

Space agencies sending people to the ISS are trying to use the time that they spend in orbit for scientific research. But people are not robots and need rest. In this article we will tell and show how many astronauts and astronauts spend leisure hours.

Almost all people returned from space tell that a lot of time spent simply watching the earth through the portholes. Earth from space is a stunning spectacle that never bored. The station makes the full turn around the earth for about ninety minutes, so there is always something new to see what you can see.

Many remember social advertising from the 90s, when astronauts at the World Station play cities by the names of those settlements over which fly. Among the cosmonauts, the locality is really popular, over which the station is currently flying.

Many cosmonauts are fond of photography. Thanks to this, we have many magnificent pictures of Earth from space.

Communication with remaining on Earth friends and family is also an important part of the free time of astronauts. In addition, on board the ISS there is equipment for amateur radio. Some of the astronauts and astronauts communicate with radio amateurs worldwide.

Board games, especially chess, are very popular among astronauts. They play both among themselves and with people on earth using email or amateur radio to transfer moves.

Some of the inhabitants of the ISS play musical instruments.

Exercise are a mandatory element of the daily day mode for astronauts.

A popular view of leisure is also reading.

Watch movies on the big screen or on their laptops. Also, some astronauts and astronauts play computer games. For example, American of Samantha Christ-Forterty played Minecraft, and Scott Kelly played in Space Invaders using a HOLO LENS virtual reality helmet.

There are completely unusual types of free time, so for example, during the World Cup, astronauts tried to invent their own version of the football for weightlessness.

Sometimes astronauts have to be saved from a snowman penetrating to the station, but recently not as often as before.

This is, of course, a joke. But as you can see astronauts are not busy hundred percent of time hard work and in their life, as well as in the life of every person, there is time for entertainment, sports, recreation and humor.