How the MAZ copied the Kamaz model, and what happened from it


Several years ago, or rather in 2013, there were intense negotiations on the merger of two auto hydriants — Russian Kamaz and the Belarusian Maz. If this union was held, KAMAZ would be the full owner of the Minsk Maz. But, as you know, something went wrong, and the partners from the Republic of Belarus did not arrange a confluence. In the end, the Minsk Automobile Plant remained an independent automaker. And the path of the path of two autohygigants on the expanses of the former USSR was separated. But we will not turn the past, and let’s look at the present.

Minsk Automobile Plant since Soviet times depended on the supply of Yaroslavl diesel engines and gearboxes. But, after the failure of negotiations on a merger with the Russian Kamaz, declaring independence, he still had to solve this rather delicious and difficult question.

If you look at the Russian partner in negotiations, KAMAZ began to decide the question with modern engines in the first decade. As you know, joint ventures with the American Cummins Engineer were created. Our channel has highlighted the issue of Motors Line Cminuse Kama and told why

A joint venture has also been created with German ZF for the production of transmissions.

However, today KAMAZ launched an unprecedented in the newest history of the Russian auto industry. Import substitution program. KAMAZ intends to independently produce a powerful diesel engine of the 910 series with maximum localization. What is our channel

And what about the Minsk Automobile Plant from the Republic of Belarus? It is clear that the scale of the market, the scale of production and the financial capabilities of the two automakers are incomparable. However, the Belarusian automaker decided to go along the path of Kamaz, creating a number of joint ventures. So to say used the same model solving the problem of the power unit and box.

And the other day during the collection of dealers, the leadership of the Minsk Plant announced that MAZ provided his models collected in Belarus engines and gearboxes.

MAZ has long hatched the idea of transition to its own engines and gearboxes to increase the competitive advantages of its technology and reduce dependence on suppliers. It became possible after the construction of two plants in the «Great Stone» park. In each of which the «Belavtomaz» holds is a co-founder.

As you know, the partners of the MAZ in the supply of engines are currently the Russian Yamz, German Mercedes-Benz, Cummins, and now the Chinese Weichai.

Engines for trucks and special equipment produces MAZ-Waitish motor factory, open in the fall of 2019 in the «Great Stone» with the WEICHAI Chinese Corporation. These power units are installed on dump trucks, tractors, onboard cars, buses, wood coats and special equipment.

Now «MAZ-WITY» produces engines with a capacity of 190 to 460 hp, this power gamma is sufficient for the ruler produced on the Maza — from medium-digit vehicles to heavy machinery. Maz-Wajka is able to produce 10 thousand motors per year when working in one shift.

Of course, this does not mean that the Minsk Automobile Plant is going to completely abandon the engines and the gearboxes of their proven suppliers. Mercedes-Benz Motors, Cummins and Yams, ZF Transmission Boxes on Consumer Orders will continue to be available. The main thing in the other, according to the general director of OJSC «MAZ», Valery Ivankovich: «We came out to the level when they are able to provide goods produced by trucks and transmissions. Once it was our dream — to achieve such vertical integration so that all the most necessary to be produced by himself. Now it has become possible. Among the advantages is the low cost, which will allow to offer to autochniki to consumers at a more competitive price. «

Second joint venture

It is noteworthy that Weichai is a carrier of competencies of power units operating on liquefied and compressed gas. Already today are certified and ready for serial production of urban and suburban buses MAZ-203 large class: with a 300-strong diesel engine WP7.300E51; With a 280-strong gas power unit WP7NG280E51 (on liquefied methane) and compressed methane. In this case, diesel buses MAZ-203045 and MAZ-203145 are equipped with hydromechanical boxes Fast Gear FC6A140RB.

In the middle class, 200-strong WP5NG200E51 gas engines are equipped with MAZ-206945 (liquefied methane) and MAZ-206946 (compressed methane).

True, still the question arises, and how long the power units «MAZ-WITY» are localized?

Apparently, the percentage of Belarusian components is low. And this is a significant difference from the new KAMAZ project for the release of diesel engine P6, (KAMAZ-910). Even produced in Naberezhnye Chelny on the joint venture «Cminim-Kama» the motors are localized by 60%.